Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The World's Best & Funniest Back to School Photos

Last week a truly wonderful reader sent me this picture and told me I should run it and ask other people to send in their hilarious back to school pictures. After almost 4 years of hanging out with you guys, I pretty much always do what you tell me to.

So I now proudly present some very awesome back to school pictures:
The awesome picture that started it all.

Guess which one is the middle child?
She's like: "Soon, Mommy, SOON." 

I feel like if you told that kid to hurry up right now she'd be like: 

Angry Eyes
Right?! Moving onto this gem:
School is number 1!
This one has a story - which I love:
I have a spontaneous best EVER pix. My son has autism and this was his first day of 3rd grade and public School. He was trying to be silly. I'm such a great mom, I didn't see it until after the photo was taken. Sigh...I'm so awesome. He didn't know what it meant, but does now. 
Love that kid!

Another fun story:
I wanted a picture of the girls' hair and backpacks, so I asked them to turn around. The not-going-to-school 3-year-old boy rebelled, still harboring some righteous indignation because he didn't get a new ALLTHETHINGS. So his 9-year-old sister was "helping" him turn around with extreme prejudice when he decided the best solution was to Vogue.

He's like the Pointer Sisters. He's so excited. And he just can't hide it.
Seriously?! How is this a good idea?!
Here's the backstory on this note (that is clearly designed to make parents heave cry):

So my son's kindergarten teacher tried to slay all mothers the first day of school. I overheard her say to a dad: "Well, it may be better that her mom didn't read this now". Lol this was the bookmark she made the parents.
To this teacher I say, "WHAT THE HELL LADY?!" I cried and I don't even have a kid in your class.

Now kids, I just want one nice picture. NO HAMMING IT UP THIS TIME. Oh for the love of Pete.

I love this whole family so much it's not even freaking funny.

And there's more from them! This is the picture they took on the last day of school:

Me love them long time. The whole fam. Also? If you need a photographer in Chicago, you can hire the mom.

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