Friday, October 25, 2013

Guru Says Thanks and a Round-Up!

Doesn't it look like I'm about to hit her with her baby soap? Yeeeaaahhhh.
Heeeeeeeey there pretty ladies. I just wanted kick this post off by thanking you all for your support and internet-high-fives you sent me after my Good Morning America hoopla. It was two weeks ago and my family is still recovering. Imagine if you found out right now that national TV would be filming in your house in 24 hours...then imagine the amount of crazy you would muster to make a house under renovation look halfway decent. You guys, I went completely bat schmidt insane. I tossed things in bags and boxes and just started stuffing things in closets, Cheaper By the Dozen-style. I still don't know where my sneakers are. Whatever.

The point is, internet-ass-slaps all around for being so awesome while my life got turned upside down!

Meanwhile, Lydia and I have been busy, busy posting all sorts of stupid and useful stuff on the world wide web. For example, did you see this hilarious video about these dogs that taught a baby how to crawl? Classic. And I was wondering if you take your tiny baby trick-or-treating? And if so, can I have you baby's Snickers?

I also posted a couple useful things, like what to have around in case your baby gets sick. And I made a list of ways to keep your big kids occupied while you take care of your little baby. Anything you think I missed? Duct tape? Kennel cage? (JOKING)

Now here's some stuff from Lydia, none of which is funny:

The Clothesline Project is really amazing and it made me heave cry. Domestic violence survivors and their friends make t-shirts and hang them on a clothesline. Hundreds of them. It's like a huge art show/protest/middle finger to their abusers. It's really powerful and I wanted to share it with people.

A lot of people think that blogging about blogging is stupid. I'm not sure I disagree with them which is I why I wrote about this stuff at Babble and not here. That way, if you don't care about blogging at all you can just ignore it. But if you're a new blogger and you wonder what I think about stuff, here's a series I wrote giving blogging advice. It is EXACTLY what I would say to you if we met at Starbucks or sat on my couch. Except if you were on my couch my dog Brady would be annoying you to throw his slimy tennis ball and my kids would keep interrupting us.

I offer marginally useful advice like this:

My sister is in the middle of a divorce right now. Not going to write about it. A friend’s husband is being a total douchebag and I want to write a rant kicking him in the sphincter so badly. Not going to write about it. One of my older kids is being really weird and I think it’s super funny BUT I’M NOT GOING TO WRITE ABOUT IT. I’m having some problems at work right now but I like being employed so there will not be a blog post about that. 
You will have to make a choice – what are you willing to share? What do you need to stay silent on? If you choose to write about your kids or your marriage, what are the boundaries that you will set? What does your partner think? How do your kids feel about having their stories told? Once your kids reach a certain age, will the rules change?

Here are the four parts of the series:
Blog Advice Part 1: Should You Even Start A Blog?
Blog Advice Part 2: Avoiding the Newbie Mistakes I Made 
Blog Advice Part 3: Pimping Your Blog
Blog Advice Part 4: Being honest

Here's a graphic I made up for it, which is sort of my blog philosophy in a nutshell. It's important to pick the right two boxes.

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