Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finding Holiday Zen… BWAAA HAAA HAAA!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a sponsored post for The Century Council about helping teens to drive safely. When they contacted me again last week about doing another sponsored post, this time about moms managing holiday stress for their Talk Early program, I was like "HELLS YEAH. That's more money to give away this Christmas since we can't do the gift card exchange! WOO HOO!" 

And they were all, "Could you be a little less happy about our taking our money?" And I said: "No. It's part of how I reduce my holiday stress. So you're welcome for getting into the spirit of this post."*

*This conversation took place entirely inside my imagination.

They developed this very cool info graphic about all the things that stress moms out. Let's check it out:

Here is my take-away from this infographic, you guys:

The average mom spends 42 hours on holiday related crap. 
Yes. Totally. But even more. Just the holiday cards and the additional kid-related November/December activities takes me 42 hours.  That's like a part time job. An unpaid one at that. Come to think of it, I'm actually hemorrhaging money during the holidays so it's more like a part-time job that I have to pay to do. 

The average shopper spends $737.95 on everything (gifts, decorations, cards, etc).
That sounds low to me and I make an effort not to go overboard every year. If you're cooking both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for family - that's maybe $200 in grocery store visits right there. And I only give my kids 3 gifts each but I have three kids. Plus the rest of the family. Plus teachers. Plus the tree. Plus when did Christmas Cards get so expensive?

Let's do the math:
So 42 hours of extra work at a loss of $737.95 means that for each hour you spend dealing with holiday crap  - you are actually losing $17.57 an hour. 

So, what are you going to do about it?
I'm going to make every effort to do less and spend less because this is all just ridiculous. I'm definitely doing less of the stuff that stresses me out. I'm saying no to volunteer requests unless I really, really want to do them. I'm going to be the mom who sends in the cups and napkins this year. I don't need to hand decorate the cupcakes that only end up looking sad/demented because I'm bad at decorating.

I'm taking this weekend to work like a dog and knock out as much stuff as I can so I can enjoy the rest of the holidays with my kids. 

I'm going to focus on doing stuff instead of buying stuff. My kids and I are going to go do a bunch of good deeds together and it's going be BAD ASS and super fun. 

I'm going to tune out Facebook and Pinterest because that infographic is right. It really does stress me out and make me feel inadequate. Also? I'm bad at managing my time and scrolling through Facebook just takes up too much time. 

I'm going to try and get enough sleep. That means when I see a really good movie come on cable at 10pm (WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!), I'm just going to say no instead of pouring another glass of wine and staying up til midnight. 

If I can manage to pull off all these things - I think I'll be doing awesome this Holiday season. If you have any other suggestions for me, I would love, love, love to read them.

Our buds are having a Twitter party on Wednesday Dec 4 from 1-2pm using @TalkEarly #HolidayZen so if you're good at Twitter (I'm not) go kick it with them and learn more about their TalkEarly program

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