Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Commemorate Bored & Angry!

I asked my daughter Mini (age 4) to draw me a picture. I asked her to close her eyes and think about what it felt like to be part of our family. She closed her eyes and sweetly sighed. I asked her how she felt. She said: "Sometimes I feel bored but mostly… angry." Then she shrugged.

I was not expecting that so I said: "Just a draw the picture, kid."

And she did. She drew a picture of what it feels like to be part of our family and this is what it looked like:

That's her  - the big one in the middle. That's her father and I over in the corner. Cowering? I have no idea. Is she singing? Yelling? I know not.

Then I emailed this gem to my friends at Formia Design because why not commemorate her feeling bored and angry about being my child. They turned it into this:

It is so awesome. And everyone in my family loves it - most of all Mini. And honestly, it's sort of a piece of art. I asked that this one be stainless steel because we're hard on things - but it could have been fancy sterling or even gold. Or one of those Pandora bracelet charms that all my friends love! Or a necklace! Like this one:

This was created by a precious child who was neither bored nor angry.
Do you love it? Do you want one, too? Or maybe you want to get one made as the world's VERY BEST HOLIDAY GIFT EVER? Well you can win something amazing (any of their hand crafted perfection worth $159 or less) for FREE because Formia Design is giving one away. Their stuff is so, so nice. Like heirloom quality nice. Plus - they're our first ever sponsor on Art Fails so I love them with the fiery passion of 10,000 sons. 

All you have to is use the Rafflecopter thingee below! It starts now and goes through November 19th and if you win, you'll have your Formia Design in time for Christmas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*And guys, if you decide to submit an ArtFail, I'm so sorry but we really can't take any more accidental wiener fails. We're very sorry but we just have about a million wieners right now. 

xoxo, Julie

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  1. Dying over how totally awesome her picture is and also the coolness that is the replica! I am so going to win this! LOVE it! :)-Ashley

    1. We loved the story and the hilarious drawing... We see such great artwork every day here at Formia Design. It was a lot of fun making this titanium key chain!

  2. Personally, I like the way you and Cap'n are holding hands, and you have one foot lifted up in pure joy. That's JOY. The heels and dress kind of shock me though, I thought you were more jeggings and boobstained shirts. But it's nice that you dressed up!! :)

  3. "We have just about a million weiners right now." Priceless.

  4. Hahah, the fiery passion of 10,000 sons. Although suns have more fire, sons have more passion. Any mother that has a son can get behind that.

  5. I love their stuff!! and your daughters picture is amazing! SO funny! That will make you smile for years to come, and make her laugh when she's older.

  6. That picture. Amazing. Usually I think these art-turned-jewelry pieces look scary, but yours looks pretty cool.

  7. wow. mini is gonna be famous someday! her drawing is fabulous and I love the jewelry pieces.

    1. Thank you! It's really fun getting to do what we do. We see such cute artwork every day.

  8. This jewellery is epic. How much would my 5 year old like to see her art turned into jewellery?! Fantastic idea.




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