Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Your Kids Are Weird, Too!?!

I have to kick this post off by saying that you all are funny. Seriously. After we publish a post we often text back and forth with our favorite reader comments. Yes, yes we do. I'll be at Target and a text from Lydia will come through with the funniest comment from the blog and suddenly I'm that mom with bags under eyes and three crying children, laughing like madwoman in the toilet paper aisle.

Like remember last week when we wrote about how flipping ridiculous our kids can be? It tuns out we're not alone. My phone blew up last week with Lydia texting me all her favorite comments from you guys. Theses were our favorites:

Fantastically flips, twists, swings and dangles from the monkey bars like an Olympic champion (giving me mini heart attacks the entire time)
Cant walk a straight line (or even sit sometimes) without tripping, stumbling or falling and smacking a body part on something hard.

Wants you to hold them.
But don't TOUCH them.

Insists on playing on the playground after school because her friends are there.
Won't play with her friends.

Asks for bananas every single day. Three times a day. We don't have bananas and a tantrum is thrown.
Finally get to the store and buy 10 pounds of bananas. Child eats 1/4 of a banana and leaves the rest on the couch.

Wears the same socks every day for a week, sleeps in his jeans
Throws his jacket in the dirty clothes  after wearing it once.

My son refuses to go anywhere by himself IN OUR HOUSE. Even 10 feet away to the bathroom or family room.
Yet he refuses to stay by my side and is constantly running off to look at any shiny thing he sees in Target, the grocery store, parking lots. Nope, not scared to run off by himself in public, won't go pee by himself in his own house.

So basically you ladies are hilarious. We then told you all about how we, as moms, might also be full of malarkey on a daily basis when it comes to some stuff and AGAIN you guys chimed in with some of the best comments ever, such as:

Tells child she cannot have desert until she eats her "healthy food" at dinner. 
Goes into the kitchen and eats three cookies while making dinner. 

"You NEED to wear underwear every day! WHY do I need to keep saying this??" 
Says the mom whose personal daily goal is to never have to put her bra on.

Argues with four year old about how it is not croc weather anymore
Wears flipflops herself 

Tells children to make sure their bedrooms are clean.
Own bedroom looks like a freakin bomb went off in it. WHY CAN'T I FIND MY FRIGGIN JEANS!

Tells children to keep up with their own things -- "I am not responsible for your crap!"
On the way out the door five minutes later -- "Where are my sunglasses?"

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