Tuesday, January 28, 2014

But I don't understand the question.

I don't write as much about my big kids these days, not because they aren't as awesome and ridiculous as ever, trust me they are. It's just that blogging about big kids can get weird. But I needed to share these conversations with you guys and my daughter 'Lina (age 10) gave her enthusiastic permission.

She is a wonderful girl but I will be honest with you and say that I have no idea how her brain works. I think it's because she's already a lot smarter than I am. Let this conversation serve as an example.

Lina: Mommy. If you could have one wish in the whole entire world, for anything at all, what would it be?
Me: (begin to think about world peace, curing cancer, homes for orphans, justice for victims and making sure no kids are ever hungry or scared or...)
Lina: For whales.
Me: Say what now?
Lina: (tilts her head prettily) For whales.
Me: What are you asking me exactly?
Lina: (looks confused because it's so obvious) I'm asking you what your one wish would be in the whole wide world for whales.
Me: You want to know what I would wish for but only for whales?
Lina: (nods happily) Yes.
Me: (blinking. confused.)
Lina: I would wish for widespread environmental improvements for their habitats. And that no one would hurt them. And also probably something about whale lice.
Me: Whale lice?
Lina: Yes. Whale lice. Lice is horrible, right?
Me: Oh. I guess I would wish for… I would wish for… I have no idea what whales would want.
Lina: (pets my arm) Just think about it. (walks away)

Then about a week later, we had the following conversation:
Lina: Mommy. Who is your very favorite actor of all time  - and they can be living or dead or from olden times or whatever.
Me: (begin to think about Jimmy Stewart and Lucille Ball and then I'm like BUT HUGH JACKMAN! And then oh! Emma Thompson is my spirit animal. But I love Sir Ian McKellen and then Bill Murray...)
Lina: That isn't a human.
Lina: So like, you could say Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and that would be cool.
Me: I'm confused.
Lina: (head tilting because it's really a very simple question) Who is your all time favorite actor that's not a human?
Lina: What are you talking about?
Me: You did that weird pause thing again.
Lina: Pause thing?
Me: Where you ask a question and then you pause and my mind starts answering your question and then you finish your question and that last little part changes the whole thing and it's very confusing for me.
Lina: (shrugs as if I'm speaking complete nonsense) My favorite is Olaf the Snowman from Frozen.
Me: (resigned) Well chosen. Give me a minute.
Me: (thinks about it) My favorite is the horse from Tangled.
Lina: Maximus.
Me: Yes.
Lina: (nodding) Good one.

Yes, little girl. You are a good one. I'll try and keep up.

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  1. I like how her mind works. she'll do great things

  2. I have a 10 yr old dd that does the same thing, but she gets mad when I don't understand her questions,

  3. Talk about trick questions! You better blurt answers out faster before your question gets restrictive. Mine doesn't pause but will ask unique questions like "What do scientists do when they find Mummies? I mean, do they go straight to a museum, or do they test them first? What kind of tests? Are they qualified to do that?" what. the. WHAT.

  4. Jolie: "Well, first they grind some of them up to make paint..."

  5. If she likes younger men, I have a not quite 9 year old son, who as part of his deep dissection of the elements in the Avatar the Last Air Bender universe has lead me on a merry mental chase through where different things should be classified (wood, sand, etc.) I often lose the thread completely.

  6. Thought of this post this morning. My oldest has ADHD so we often have mornings full of odd noises, weird questions, half finished sentences. Today it went like this:
    B- grapple grapple PINEapple
    Me- huh? What does that mean? (I did assume it was from a tv show- you know what happens when you assume)
    B- I don't know. *silence* You do know what a grapple is right? Like a grapple hook?
    Me - *looks at him* yes….*waits for the rest of his thought*
    B - *turns away and starts doing something else.

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