Thursday, January 23, 2014

Several Sad Truths About Snow Day #7

I love snow days. I ADORE them, always have. But this year, we have had SEVEN days off from school due to inclement weather (snow, ice and extreme cold). On the day my children stayed home from school because it was too cold, I could almost hear my father in Maine snort derisively. Today is the third snow day in a row, immediately following MLK Day, making it a 6 day weekend. For five inches of snow. I find that to be snort-worthy myself.

We haven't had this many days off since 2010, when the Great Blizzards buried us under 4 feet of snow and no one went to school for the better part of two weeks. But that was special! And amazing! Because ALL THAT SNOW! Also, my kids were so little that I was unable to complete a sentence, let alone a task, even without them missing all that school. Back then, if they didn't go to preschool for two weeks then I wasn't going to shower or poop alone or have a coherent thought for pretty much that whole time.

Now that my kids are older, they're more independent. They're a lot of fun to be around most of the time and all this means that I've gotten used to being semi-productive. My issue is not having them home - I love that. I love the snuggling and the movies and the not having to set the alarm clock. That part is awesome.

The part that sucks eggs is how we've had no coherent schedule since before Christmas and I have been unable to complete anything. ANYTHING. Holiday decorations? Half put away. Suitcases? Mostly unpacked. Laundry? Please don't ask. And do you know what my kids are like without a schedule? It's like this ALL THE TIME:

So I made a little chart about the reality of Snow Day #6 and here it is (click to enlarge):

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