Thursday, March 13, 2014

Help This Woman: My Hero, Jas

Jas with her two boys Brandon, age 18 (currently serving
in the Air Force) and Jammel Jr.
UPDATE: Jaspen didn't win but she's still out hero!
You guys know we love to help other women and their kids, right? Well, today I'm asking you to help our friend Jaspen Boothe by voting for her as an "Unstoppable Mom" in a contest sponsored by the TV show Live with Kelly and Michael.

In the process of working to help moms and kids over the past couple of years, we met  Jaspen. She runs a non-profit called Final Salute, dedicated to helping women veterans. Specifically, this non-profit helps female vets and their kids avoid homelessness and find self-sufficiency. I firmly believe that no one who has served our country should ever be homeless. But there's only so much the VA can do. And honestly, the military is 85% male and the situation for women vets is different.

And Jas helps them. She works to provide safe housing, food and financial assistance, job training, interview clothes and transportation, child care, everything these brave women need to make a life for themselves and their families.

Why? Because she's been there. In 2005, she lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. A month later, about to deploy to Iraq, she was diagnosed with an aggressive head, neck and throat cancer. She was a single mom. She was sick, homeless and jobless because of her illness. 

Here's Jas with her deployment daughter Nayeli, age 2.
But she got through it. She prevailed and now she dedicates her life to helping other female veterans in crisis. She does it without taking a dime away from the organization (won't take a penny of salary, even though it's a full time job). She did it while serving in the military herself, while working full time for the VA, and while being a mom to 2 gorgeous boys. And right now, in addition to everything else she does - she's caring for a precious 2 year old girl while both her parents are deployed.

I hope you'll join me in doing something to help someone who helps so many. She was selected as a Live with Kelly and Michael Unstoppable Mom Finalist. She is 1 of 4 finalists and the winner is selected by on-line vote. The voting starts and ends TODAY March 13, with the winner being announced tomorrow. There's a segment featuring her and all her awesomeness on the show this morning, so please tune in if you can. I'll post the link when it's up. 

Read Jas' full nomination via the link below, and please consider voting for her. She's my hero and she is one of us. She loves it when I call her a hooker and makes fun of me because I can't wear high heels. She is amazing and she truly deserves this.


xoxo, Lydia
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