Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things We Never Have Enough Of

I recently noticed that we have this weird dichotomy in our house. We have way too much of some stuff and never enough of other stuff (usually the stuff we actually need). 

Here's a little chart to explain what I mean:

Oh, Sophia. Lay off the spray tan, sweetie.

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  1. Never enough of Way too many of
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  2. Oh Spoons. I just want a teaspoon so I can put sugar in my tea....

  3. Ha ha! I always swore I'd never be one of those moms whose kids used spoons to dig in their sandbox, until I became one. When I finally got over the fact that my silverware was never going to match perfectly I went to a restaurant supply store and box a box of 36 spoons. Best purchase ever.

  4. Never enough of "the favorite" pants, way too many piles of clean laundry with other types of pants

  5. So funny and so true! Spray tan--awesome! Looks like you have some great improvisers in your home!

  6. The caption on Sofia made me laugh out loud!!!

  7. Mommy's Disney Villan Voice! My littlest walked out of my room and says to her big sister "She's evil. She's Mother Gothell" She = Mama!

  8. When were you at my house??? LOL!!!




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