Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TMI with Johi

I'm sure you're wondering why these precious and adorable young men are the mastheads of today's post. It's because I did an interview with my very talented friend (and co-author) Johi Kockjohn-Wagner and she asked me who my celebrity free passes were. At first I was like, what the hell is a celebrity free pass? I get a free movie? Or is it like a fast pass at Disney? So I googled it and then I was like AW SNAP. 

Andy Dwyer shocked
Andy and I are basically the same person. 

And then I was like I'm an idiot, everybody knows what a celebrity free pass is. So I answered the three handsome young men you see above. But with a big caveat. Here is our exchange:

Johi: Who is your celebrity free pass (or passes)?
Me: At the moment, I'm a Cumberbitch. I also love Tom Hiddleston. And Michael Fassbender. But you need to understand that I have become an old lady in a house coat who yells at the neighborhood teenagers for driving too fast. I'm the one in knee-highs on the front porch, shaking my fist at them and calling them motherless crackheads as they whiz by in their Civics. So I don't really fantasize about romantic, sexy interludes with these gentlemen. It's more like, I make pierogies and they love them so much and then afterwards Fassbender takes out the recycling for me. It's super hot.

If you know who Rita Delvecchio is, you get 15 points. Also, you're old.

To read the whole interview, click here.
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To "like" her fine ass on Facebook, click the link.
Also, yes. I have seen the Hiddleston/Cumberbatch dance battle and it's the reason I love the internet so much. That and LOL cats.

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