Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Last Week of School. I'm Losing it.

I'm losing it. Mini is fighting something off and hasn't slept well in a few days, which means that I haven't slept well in a few days. Plus, I keep going from anger to tears in less time than it takes my kids to swipe my iPhone and start playing Minion Rush. The Cap'n called it before I did (it's The PMS), and it could not be coming at a worse time.

Why is that? Because I'm on the end of the school year hamster wheel of doom. It sucks so hard and this year, due to 11 snow days last winter, it's lasting forever. 

h/t returnofkings.com
This looks EXACTLY like my daughter's hamsters, whom the Cap'n refers to as "The Indoor Squirrels"

Run Lydia! Run! The 3rd grade class picnic is at 9:45am! Did you remember to collect money for the teacher gift? What about the swim meet tomorrow? Did you sign up the kids? Why would you schedule dentist appointments for this week? Are you insane? Did you send in the camp forms? Holy crap, these kids still have homework. When did that last get done? 

This was last week:
Monday: School, Mini & Lina to piano lessons, swim practice, make dinner, physical therapy
Tuesday: School, make gift bags for coaches, swim practice, end of season baseball banquet, try not get emotional because this team and these coaches were so awesome, get home early and let kids watch TV and veg for a while and what do you mean you have a quiz tomorrow?!
Wednesday: School, preschool playdate, swim practice, something I can't freaking remember so we missed it and I felt really bad.
Thursday: School, collect money for teacher gifts, deposit checks, drop off cash to room mom in the manner of seedy teenagers conducting a drug deal in a parking lot, swim practice, dress rehearsal for dance recital that was supposed to be 2 hours but turned into 5 hours.
Friday: School, swim practice, oh crap I forgot that I still have one more check to deposit for teacher gifts, but they already bought the gift cards so what do I do?, plan happy hour with husband to finally relax only to find out kids are supposed to swim in a Saturday morning meet which requires 5:45am wake-up time.
Saturday: Bailed on swim meet because no one slept because feeling sick(ish), but then totally fine by 8:00am (whuck?!), then our family's first ever dance recital(s) required my presence from 1:45pm-10:00pm.  
Sunday: Thanks to the dance recital, my house looks like a florist shop and my daughters look like they've been out on a bender, attempt to remove their eye make-up several more times, clean house, do laundry, buy groceries, graduation party, bathe offspring, put them to bed, for the love of God it's 11pm why won't you go to sleep are you trying to kill me?

Can we quickly talk about that damn dance recital for a second? I was so annoyed with it, but all the kids were so happy and loving every minute of it so much that I couldn't even poop on it, even though I wanted to. Then at the end, they had a special dance for the seniors that were graduating, and it was to a stupid Phil Collins song that I hate with a fiery passion and by the end of the damn dance I was bawling. LIKE A BABY. And they weren't even my kids, so it was so ridiculous for me to be crying like that, but it was beautiful and those girls are just starting their lives and they're saying goodbye to each other and it was just… Forget it. I'm bad at dance recitals. I was like the damn Grinch up in there, with my heart growing three sizes after all the initial recital hatred. Yet now I'm some sort of dance mom.  Probably the bad sort.

I remember when the idea of the kids being out of school all summer was terrifying and awful. Right now? I'll be as giddy as a billygoat. Or Homer Simpson.

Happy Hopping Homer

That is, until I see the calendar for July. It has more camps than a National Park. What have I done?

We're going to need a bigger hamster wheel.

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