Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brutally Honest Paper Plate Awards for this Swim Season

At the end of every sports season, there is usually some sort of party where the coach talks about each of the players and sometimes, gives awards for things like "Most Improved" or "Most Valuable". Swim team is no different, except on our team they give paper plate awards. They're exactly what they sound like.  Fun, light-hearted awards that our truly wonderful coaches make for the swimmers.

As this week marks the end of our swim season, I've started to think about the awards my kids have earned. Because for my kiddos, swim team is as much about the snack bar and the hanging out with friends and the weekly costume contests as it is about actually swimming. I'm totally fine with that, but I enjoy teasing them.

So in honor of all the swimmers (especially mine), I've typed up a list of brutally honest paper plate/end of the season awards for the swim events that they totally dominated:

First place for "Losing your googles and/or swim cap right before you're supposed to race and freaking out"

Second place in "Mad dance skills on the pool deck whenever they play music over the loud speaker" 

Third place for "Craning your neck around every time your head pops up in breast stroke to see what everyone else is doing."

Fourth place for asking "Did I win my heat?! Did I?! Was I close?! Did I at least beat {insert name of friend}?"

Fifth place for "Wondering out loud (several times) (in front of your coaches) if you have to go to practice tomorrow morning."

Sixth place for "Appearing to forget to use your legs during backstroke."

Qualified for Divisionals in "Being impossible to find right before the heat you're supposed to be swimming in." 

Winner winner chicken dinner.
Swimmer of the week for "Putting tons of effort, focus and dedication into swimming a legal IM the Fourth of July-themed costume contest"

League All Star in "Forgetting to cheer when your siblings are racing."

Most likely of anyone in any age group on both teams at the dual meet to: "Consume 10,000 calories of snack bar food in under 2 hours"

Honorable Mention in declaring that "You can not make me swim Butterfly. Ever."

Most Improved Swimmer for "Remembering at least 30% of the time to ask the timers how fast you swam."*

*Does not mean they will remember that number by the time they reach their towel.

Future OIympian award for whining things like "Why do I have to do this? I'm bored. When can we go home?" And then not wanting to leave after breast stroke when our family is done swimming for the night because you're having so much fun.

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