Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marvel Universe Live!

Captain America was cute but shorter than I expected.
Last week, my 9 year old and I got to see the new Marvel Universe Live show. Technically, I think it's actually called Marvel Universe LIVE! (please don't forget to use the exclamation point). Marvel and Feld Entertainment flew me and my 9 year old son to Tampa to see the show and write about what we thought. Just to be clear, they didn't pay me - but they paid for our trip. They also told me to write whatever I wanted.

Now I don't do a whole lot of sponsored posts (or regular posts) because I (a) am super lazy (b) am usually asked to endorse products like Hello Kitty adult-themed products by nice men who write to me in Mandarin. But this was FREAKING MARVEL and as an enormous Marvel nerd, I was more than a little excited to do this. So I said hell yes.

Also, there is whole other blog post that could be written just about how cool it was to tell my son that we were going on this adventure together. It was wonderful. Then, there is a third blog post I could write chronicling the reaction of my two daughters to the news that their brother would get to go to Florida alone with mommy to do something incredibly cool. That blog post would be slightly less wonderful.

My son and I decided to tell you what we thought about the show from both the mom perspective and the kid perspective. So when we got home, I asked him what he thought of everything and he was like: "Great."

I stared at him, waiting. I blinked. I blinked again, still waiting.

I asked if he wanted to elaborate on that description and he was like: "It was really great. And fun. I loved it. Can I go outside now?"


So I had to ask him questions and here they are:

Q: If you had to describe the show to a friend, what would you say?
A: It was really good - lots of action, good actors.

Q: As a fan of the TV show, comics and movies, was the stage show good enough to be called Marvel?
A: Yes. (nodded with emphasis)

Q: Was it more like the cartoon (like Marvel Avengers Assemble) or the movies (Avengers, Iron Man) or the comics?
A: Comics.

Q: What would you tell your friends to be prepared for if they get to go?
A: Bring money so you can buy stuff because the stuff is really good. Also, the second half is pretty much all action. And look out for when Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk.

Then he disappeared to go play Legos with the kid from the down the street.


Here are my thoughts, starting with some basic descriptions. It's two 45 minute segments with a 20 minute (or so) intermission. The show is a mash-up of the comics, the Marvel movies (Avengers, Thor, Spiderman & Ironman), and the 2014 cartoons (Marvel Avengers AssembleMarvel Ultimate Spiderman, etc).  It really connotes the recent cartoons on DisneyXD (that my kids watch constantly and fill up my DVR with) because the voice talent is the same. The dude who voices Spiderman in the cartoons (Drake Bell) is the same voice for Spiderman in the show.

If your kid is into playing any Marvel video games (particularly the very awesome LEGO Marvel Superheroes) or watches any of the new Marvel cartoon shows or is a fan of the Marvel film franchise -  then your kid will be seriously into this show. You can also replace the word "kid" with "husband" (or in my family's case "wife").

The show features motorcycle stunts, martial arts, and most impressive to me - tons of advanced technology (the entire stadium-sized stage is essentially a screen upon which they project an incredibly cool background ranging from the Himalalyas, to flying through NYC up to Stark Tower, to planes taking off on the SHIELD helicarrier). It features cool stuff that's never been done before - characters fly, Spiderman shoots webs and swings around. It's really, really cool.

There are tons of characters - good and bad - featured in the show. Some of them might freak out little kids. I would say that if your kid is 3-4 years old and you want to take them, think about how they'd do in a darkened stadium with pretty intense action going on around them. My kids could have handled it at 4, but that's not true for everyone. There were plenty of little kids around us (some looked to be as young as 2) and nobody freaked out, but you know your kids best.

The merchandise at the show will cause your kids to go slightly bananas. Be prepare for begging and pleading. This can be irritating, yes, but I will say that the stuff is largely very cool and there are some lower cost items ($5, $10) that will satisfy even picky Marvel fans. My son for example was DYING for a $10 Tony Stark Arc Reactor necklace/lanyard thingee that was sold out. There was also a cool mini Tesseract for $5. I mean, if you can get in and out of one of these events having only spent $5- $10 on merchandise then I say GOOD ON YOU.

Overall, I thought the show was great. My kids are slightly too big for things like Disney on Ice and other touring shows of that ilk, but too young for concerts and teen-agery things. This was right in our wheelhouse. In fact, the show is coming to our town in September and I will probably pay for tickets and take all of my kids to see it when it comes, even having seen it before. This may also have something to do with the fact that it is an enormous INJUSTICE that my daughters didn't get to see the show when my son did. And the Avengers will not stand for injustice. 

Check out the Marvel Universe LIVE! website for tour dates, behind the scenes videos (that are actually really cool) and other stuff.

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