Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy

Sunsets on Lake Michigan. They're awesome. 
The internet has been a sad and shitty place for the past couple of days. Perhaps because increasingly the world is a sad and shitty place, filled with things I can't make sense of.  I'm not just talking about celebrities, though there's that too. It's everything. It's all of it. 

It's hurting my heart and I thought it might be hurting yours, too. So I decided to make a list of things that make me happy. There's a lot of beauty and kindness and hilarity in the world and sometimes I need to be reminded of that. If you want, you can add stuff to this list, too. 
A few things that make me really happy:

Night swimming.

The sound of my children softly snoring.

The tiny frogs in my neighborhood that come out at night.  Also that my 70 lb dog is terrified of them. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all seasons).

The sound of a baseball bat connecting perfectly with a ball.

When it's 10:30pm and the house is quiet and I know I should go to sleep, but a really good movie just came on cable so I stay up and watch the whole thing and it's so fun.*

*Less fun the next morning, but still worth it.
Waking up to a blanket of snow when you didn't expect it.

When sweet old ladies say curse words. 

Miniature donkeys.

Diving under a wave and coming out the other side. 

The smell of delicious flavor cooking away.

When my husband speaks in a European accent of undetermined origin and mocks me. 

How soft doggy ears are.

Apple picking.

A really good snuggle.

The perfect photo bomb.

When you see someone doing something really nice for someone else and they don't  realize they're being observed. Check out guy at the Giant grocery store - I saw the way you treated that man in your aisle, how you made sure he was OK, and it made my heart grow three sizes.  

The new Avengers movie that is coming out next year.

That's what she said. Oh my GOD. Just stop, that's getting really old and tired.*

*That's what she said.

When my kids think they can't do something hard, but then they try and they do it. Wait. Not just my kids, any kids.

Reading my favorite books again and again and again.

The first really good tomato of summer.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

When my car radio plays a song I love so much that I had totally forgotten about.

Friends who laugh with me and at me (that means you). Thank you.

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  1. The satisfaction of finishing a really good book.

  2. Coming home to a delicious crock pot dinner.

    Lightning bugs

    Thunder snow

    Hot, hot coffee that is *just* cool enough to drink

    Anything I buy with a coupon

    Seeing excited facebook posts from friends that are excited about football/baseball/hockey season

    Perfectly peeling a hard boiled egg

    My toddler son has recently started saying, "Almost!" to himself when he performs a task that is difficult for him. He learned that from me because that is how I encourage him to keep trying and be patient when doing something. And he has internalized it and he is now encouraging himself. It makes my heart very happy.

  3. I really needed this this morning. Normally on the first day of school it's all fist pumps and dancing as the bus pulls away, but this morning I'm sad. I live near Ferguson and I grew up in neighboring Florissant, MO. It tears at my heart to see such violence so close to home. Thank you for being a light this morning.

    The first float trip of summer makes me happy. The quiet of the river as I paddle the canoe.

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

    The smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer (before it all piles up and never gets folded.)

    Sitting on the porch with my man and my dogs on a summer night, beer in hand.

    The scent of vanilla.

    Sniffing my dog's paws (they smell like fritos.)

    Hearing my kids say "I love you mommy."

    Playing Skylanders with my 6-year old.

    Beating my 6-yr old in MarioKart :-)

    Singing anything from Frozen, and the Mickey Mouse clubhouse Hot-Dog song.


    Reading a great book.

    Discovering new books.

    The smell of the library. And the quietness of it.

    1. I had a dog that smelled like popcorn. People thought I was weird, but my husband agreed with me. She smelled like popcorn.

  5. Seeing my husband from afar. Conversations with my dog. Unexpected hugs from my kids.

  6. When my daughter comes in in the morning because she "wanted Mama", and then she snuggles up with our 90 lb. dog instead. And the look of pure tolerance on his face as she lays her arm across him.

    Watching the hummingbirds hover around my garden.

    Soft doggy ears. Yes!

    Guilty pleasure TV when everyone else in the house is asleep.

    Watching my kids ride their bikes up and down the street. And having my daughter try her bike without the training wheels, but deciding she wanted them back on for now because she wanted "freedom".

    Raw cookie dough.

    The view out my bedroom window.

    The smell of my grandparents' house as my grandma made Sunday dinner.

  7. Having a freshly cleaned house all to myself for a few hours.

    Yarn stores.

    A new notebook and pen.

    Damask roses.


    Frost on fallen autumn leaves.

    My youngest son (upon seeing me in a dress) saying: "Would you like to dance?"

    Finding money in your pocket.

    1. Clean house to myself - yes yes yes!

  8. When I was a teenager (many, many moons ago) two friends and I were at the mall and wandered into one of the several book stores. (That should tell you just how long ago.) On the shelf was a paperback book called "14,000 Things to Be Happy About". And it was just that. A list of 14,000 things that made her happy. We flipped through the book and it made us happy, too. So we bought it, split it in three parts and each of us kept a part in our lockers. We added our own items to the list and when one of us would have a bad day, we would all switch parts so we could read the happy words of our friends and then add our own until the next switch.

    I still have a third of that book. And it makes me happy. I still have those two friends, too. And that makes me even happier.

    Huh! That book is still available on Amazon. It is written by Barbara Ann Kipfer. And whaddyaknow?! THAT makes me happy, too.

    Thanks for reminding me of that book with the post today. I really needed a happy and I was just reminded of some of the most important ones.

  9. Good Morning and thank you for this!!
    The smile on my daughters face when she connects perfectly with the ball-priceless

  10. Babies. Pictures of newborns, that delicious newborn smell, tiny baby clothes.

    Clean sheets on the bed

    Waking up seriously early in the morning and just getting to watch my fiance snoring away in the dawnlight

    Days when you just don't have to get out of bed


    Summer rain

    New fabric and all the potential it holds

    and of course... RFMM <3

  11. The sound of jars "popping" when you make jam.

    The noise from a lawn mower in the neighbors yard.

    A text from a friend for no reason.

    When my 13 year old wants to sit on my lap & snuggle even though he's bigger than me.

    1. When your 13 year old grabs your hand while crossing a busy street cause he is not embarrassed to still need you:)

  12. I would like to add:

    The Sesame Street clip with Tom Hiddleston and the Cookie Monster.

    The sound of my 8-month old son's giggle when he's being tickled.

    The silly faces my husband makes when he's tickling my son.

    The fact that there are awesome blogs like this out on the internet - and even better, incredibly awe-inpsiring women who write them.

  13. Baby smiles first thing in the morning.
    A warm cup of tea.
    Reconnecting with an old friend.
    The beaming smile of a 5 year old who just scored a goal in soccer.
    Lazy afternoons with a sleeping baby on my chest.
    Re-watching old family videos and laughing together.

  14. Thanks for this! {{hugs}}

    Yes - doggy ears!

    Sleepy, warm, purring cats.

    Burying my face in a horse's mane and just breathing!

    Watching my daughter (almost 17 - sniff) still intently paying attention to her dance teachers.

    Watching said daughter dance.

    Snuggles with the hubby.

    Fresh crisp sheets with freshly shaved legs.

    Browsing Halloween stores / sections (especially early in the season - like July! - I smile like an idiot!)

  15. The smell of the citronella candle at night.
    Hearing my doggie do his nightly "Huff" where he decides that everybody is where they're supposed to be and all is right with the world and he can go to sleep.
    Going to an expensive amusement park and watching all the little kids freak out with excitement ... about the chipmunks.
    Buzzing of cicadas on a hot afternoon while you're reading outside on the porch swing.
    A really good stretch/yawn combination.

  16. Holding hands with my hubby

    Starry nights

    Disney movies

    British accents.

    This site :)

  17. My son introducing me as 'my bestest friend mummy'
    wearing my partners t-shirts to bed
    rain on my roof
    the smell of books
    fresh tea on a cold morning
    finding a new craft to try
    finishing a projects
    hugging a fresh batch of soft new yarn ^_^
    my son just him being him x

  18. My baby turning 5 tomorrow. Sunshine.

  19. Rainbows
    That fresh smell after a rain shower
    My son's kisses waking me in the morning
    My husband's hugs
    Rants from Mommyland. Thank you my heart was heavy today and now it's a bit lighter.

  20. Kids who have spent the last 7 years living in the desert discovering the delights of the beach - fully clothed to begin with admittedly - and rolling in the water and having sand fights.

  21. Sitting and having numerous cups of tea with my best friend

  22. Thank you thank you - the whole wide world needs this right now.

    Waking up naturally with no alarm
    The sound of the coffee maker making coffee
    Naked baby bums
    Being tackle-hugged whenever I come home
    Big-hearted, fabulously written mommy blogs :-)

  23. Coming home after a long time away and pooping in your own toilet.

  24. Feeling my baby move inside of me and knowing she is ok.

    Laughing so hard that tears start falling

    Reconnecting with an old friend and feeling so comfortable that it is like no time passed at all

  25. Getting to use my iPad.
    Waking up to find my daughter snugged up on one side and my cat snugged up on the other.
    Washing my hair with NO witnesses!
    Going through all the artwork my daughter makes in daycare.
    Taking my work shoes off.
    Dr Hodgens on 'Bones'
    And if all else fails, watching 'the island of misnamed toys'

  26. My daughter's laugh
    When my husband tries really hard not to laugh at a comedy show/ movie
    Changing out of my "work shoes" at the end of the day and into my trainers...ahh
    Stories told by my sister - she's the funniest person I know!
    I'm not at all sporty, coordinated or sexy but joined pole dancing class so one of mine is getting a move right so that I don't land on the floor with a whack!
    Ooh, and Nathan Fillion and Tom Hiddleston doing the Ice Bucket Challenge... eeeeeeek!!!

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