Friday, September 12, 2014

The Date Night Video

Remember a long time ago when Kate and I went to Chicago and did that thing with Second City? Well I forced coerced kindly asked those actors to be my friends on Facebook. So my very dear friend comedy genius Sue Salvi (that I met one time for fifteen minutes) posted this on her wall today and when I saw it, I almost passed out because it was so funny.

Just watch.

You guys, between 2003 and late 2012, that was basically my exact reaction when the sitter canceled on date night. I'm not proud, but there it is.

Two things you should know. First, this video is part of a series and it's all super funny. The one called "Sleep Tight" totally cracks me up because my husband always tries to talk to me about ridiculous crap late at night and I'm like "STOP. ME GO SLEEP. NO TALKY. NO CAN BRAIN NOW." And then he still keeps talking.

Second, the couple in the video (Stephanie Weir and Bob Dassie) are married in real life with two kids. You knew that though, because of the rage/fear expressed in the video. You can't fake that shit.  Bob is a writer and mainstay in the LA improv community and has made appearances in film and TV. He's currently writing his first feature length script. Stephanie writes for the CBS show The Millers and she will be shooting a show in October for FX called The Comedians with Billy Crystal.  You might also recognize her from MadTV.  Check them out on Twitter and Youtube

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