Friday, February 27, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 Diary Day 12

I've been up since 5:45am and I went to the gym and even though I'm a little tired, I still have energy and it's 9:00pm. Say WHAT?? That's crazy for me. Since working out early this afternoon, I've been super hungry and nibbling here and there, but making good choices. Like a champion. Like a winner. So behold, my pre-workout gif of the day:



All this being said, I swear to God my pants felt tighter this morning. That part was not my favorite. According to the Whole 30 timeline, tight pants during this timeframe are a pretty normal occurrence. Also normal - wanting something sweet. I'm feeling that, too. Though I'm less worried about craving sugar than I am that I'm going to mess up and accidentally eat some of my kids' Goldfish crackers and then realize what I've done and freak the FREAK OUT.

Here's what I ate today:
Coffee: 3 cups with coconut cream
Breakfast: 3 small chicken zucchini poppers (we had to run out the door)
Lunch: Chicken tenders with onions and peppers
Second lunch: Salad with a few chicken zucchini poppers
Dinner: Turkey tacos in lettuce wraps w salsa & guac
Dessert: sliced apple with cinnamon, dipped in a little almond butter (OMG DELICIOUS EAT THIS ALL THE TIME ALWAYS)

So like I said, I went to the gym today. This is a gym where (at least at the hour when I go), it's me and a bunch of retired folks. There's one dude (whom I shall now and forever more refer to as my gym nemesis) who always, always picks the treadmill next to mine, even if every other damn treadmill is free. Then he acts like it's race.

This would be funny but for the fact that he's in his seventies and weighs about a buck ten. His glasses probably account for about 5 pounds of that. He wears a white undershirt, a pair of track pants pulled up to about Connecticut, and tennis shoes (meant for actual tennis). He gets up on the treadmill next to mine, checks out how fast I'm going, and then programs his treadmill so it's going about ten times faster than mine. His tiny bird legs start whizzing on that thing going swish swish swish like he's some kind of old man speed robot. And every so often, he'll sneak a peek at my stats and smirk a little.

LISTEN UP, NEMESIS, I WILL LET YOU HAVE YOUR SMUG, LITTLE SMILE. Yes, you are much fitter and tinier than I am. Yes. This make you happy. Fine. Enjoy yourself at my expense. And so to you, my nemesis, I dedicate today's post-workout gif. Because one day you will pull this shit with me when I have PMS and I will utter the words highlighted below.


Tom Delonge WTF?

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