Monday, February 23, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 Diary - DAY 8

Today starts week 2! If you want to read about week 1, click here. That post had all 7 days in it and it got a little long and unwieldy so I'm posting day by day now.

So there's some good news about Day 8! I didn't feel hungover and my desire to cram food in my piehole was... minimal. I got hungry and I ate. I stuck to three meals with (almost) no snacks. I slept really well and the bizarro dreams (while still there) were not intrusive. I woke up feeling good.

I had steady energy all day, enough in fact, to go for a nice long walk with the Brady dog. His idea of a nice walk was to leap in and out of snow drifts and drag me onto patches of black ice and watch me almost fall to my death. I was THISCLOSE to breaking a hip and not being found till morning. I love that dog but good Lord, he's a pain in the ass in the snow. He loves it too much and his exuberance is going to cause a fatal injury. By the way, I walked for 50 minutes and my stupid Fitbit was all: "You only walked 3,500 steps all day. Ha ha."


Also, while walking I listened to the podcast Welcome to Nightvale. If you're a weirdo, geeky type like me, you will love it with an unholy passion. It's free and ridiculous and you should check it out if you don't already listen to it.

I adapted this recipe
(made a roast instead of short ribs
because that's what I had).
Get the recipe HERE.
So my husband was out of town for days 1-7. He came home this morning and I was like: "Hey baby! Surprise! I'm not eating dairy, wheat, or sugar for the next 3 weeks!" He looked worried about my mental health because he knows how much I love my food but then I made him breakfast, lunch and dinner and he was like: "This is awesome."

Here's what I had made today:
Coffee: 3 cups with coconut cream (I swear, this much greasy creamy fattiness can't be good for me. It certainly can't be worse than the 1% milk I usually use.)
Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with salsa and tons of guac
Lunch: Aidell's chicken and apple sausage, pan-seared with a hash of apples, potatoes, yams and turnips and served with a side of smugly unpasteurized, fermented sauerkraut with delightful gut-healing probiotics that I bought at Whole Foods for way too much money.
Snack: Like 4 bites of curried chicken salad with broccoli slaw, raisons, carrots and home-made mayo. I wasn't even that hungry, I just was worried that I was going too long without eating which usually leads to my blood sugar bottoming out. My PCOS sisters get it. Once that happens, shit gets real.
Dinner: Cidar-braised pot roast with a hash of potatoes, yams and turnips. Also, crispy brussel sprouts. It was delicious.

Overall, it was a good day. My husband is finally home, I got a long walk/near death experience in, and food-wise, sticking to the plan was easy peasy. So that's why I picked this lovely 9th doctor gif for you:


Christopher Eccleston Happy Dance

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  1. Great job! Do you have to calibrate the fitbit? I used a pedometer for awhile and I had to calibrate it a few times before I found it to be more accurate because of how my stride varies.

  2. You're doing great! I'm so glad to hear that your system has cleared and you're starting to feel the benefits. You can do it!


    Now time for the weather.

  4. Get thee some YakTrax for your walks! Easy to slip over most shoes, stay on, prevent death by black ice. My first pair lasted 12 years before needing replacement. I use them to run in when it's icy...and I run with 2 excited huskies who love to pull!

  5. Ooo! Add me on fitbit! We can be bff's and encourage eachother! !

  6. Was your fitbit on the hand holding Brady's leash? Sometimes that screws with the step count I think.




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