Monday, February 23, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 Diary - DAY 8

Today starts week 2! If you want to read about week 1, click here. That post had all 7 days in it and it got a little long and unwieldy so I'm posting day by day now.

So there's some good news about Day 8! I didn't feel hungover and my desire to cram food in my piehole was... minimal. I got hungry and I ate. I stuck to three meals with (almost) no snacks. I slept really well and the bizarro dreams (while still there) were not intrusive. I woke up feeling good.

I had steady energy all day, enough in fact, to go for a nice long walk with the Brady dog. His idea of a nice walk was to leap in and out of snow drifts and drag me onto patches of black ice and watch me almost fall to my death. I was THISCLOSE to breaking a hip and not being found till morning. I love that dog but good Lord, he's a pain in the ass in the snow. He loves it too much and his exuberance is going to cause a fatal injury. By the way, I walked for 50 minutes and my stupid Fitbit was all: "You only walked 3,500 steps all day. Ha ha."


Also, while walking I listened to the podcast Welcome to Nightvale. If you're a weirdo, geeky type like me, you will love it with an unholy passion. It's free and ridiculous and you should check it out if you don't already listen to it.

I adapted this recipe
(made a roast instead of short ribs
because that's what I had).
Get the recipe HERE.
So my husband was out of town for days 1-7. He came home this morning and I was like: "Hey baby! Surprise! I'm not eating dairy, wheat, or sugar for the next 3 weeks!" He looked worried about my mental health because he knows how much I love my food but then I made him breakfast, lunch and dinner and he was like: "This is awesome."

Here's what I had made today:
Coffee: 3 cups with coconut cream (I swear, this much greasy creamy fattiness can't be good for me. It certainly can't be worse than the 1% milk I usually use.)
Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with salsa and tons of guac
Lunch: Aidell's chicken and apple sausage, pan-seared with a hash of apples, potatoes, yams and turnips and served with a side of smugly unpasteurized, fermented sauerkraut with delightful gut-healing probiotics that I bought at Whole Foods for way too much money.
Snack: Like 4 bites of curried chicken salad with broccoli slaw, raisons, carrots and home-made mayo. I wasn't even that hungry, I just was worried that I was going too long without eating which usually leads to my blood sugar bottoming out. My PCOS sisters get it. Once that happens, shit gets real.
Dinner: Cidar-braised pot roast with a hash of potatoes, yams and turnips. Also, crispy brussel sprouts. It was delicious.

Overall, it was a good day. My husband is finally home, I got a long walk/near death experience in, and food-wise, sticking to the plan was easy peasy. So that's why I picked this lovely 9th doctor gif for you:


Christopher Eccleston Happy Dance

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