Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'm a HUGE nerd who loves my job

I show this version of Maslow's Hierarchy every semester.
So some of you may know that I teach undergrads at a college that I could never have gotten into myself because I made bad choices in high school. I haven't written much about it here, maybe because it's my real job and worlds colliding and all that.

I teach Public Health. The class I teach is a great fit for me because it's a survey course, which means we cover hundreds of years and topics in one semester. As a result, the course content is (as my dad would say somewhat derisively) a mile wide and an inch deep.

By now you know that I'm also a big dork who dearly loves things like Totoro and Korra and Marvel and Harry Potter and too many other geekish things to list here. But I love Public Health the most. Oh my gosh, you guys. I want to talk about drug resistant gonorrhea all the time. Did you know that many of the US-funded Ebola treatment centers in west Africa have never treated a single patient?? Social determinants of health are my jam, you guys.

So I wrote this exam question and I was pretty excited about it. Because I love John Snow (the father of modern epidemiology) and I made my students watch this video about him. And I also love Game of Thrones (of course, I could only read three and a half of the books because it was too rapey and it was giving me bad dreams).

I can't wait to see what the students say when they get this question today! Will they be pleased and giggle (fun for me) or will they be annoyed and eye-rolly (also kind of fun for me)? Why is this job so  great?

Not the father of modern epidemiology.
But still bad ass.
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  1. I used to work in the housing part of a college administration, and I miss those times when students would stop by my office just to be nerdy and show me stupid youtube videos and keep me young by proxy. I envy your job, it sounds like such a blast!

  2. I am a geek who teaches college students. They will giggle. When you are an adorable geek, such as yourself, they find that adorable. I don't know why, but they do. Because I teach Spanish, I have a LOT of Public Health majors, and it's a really cool field that I would have never even known about had I not gotten a job with a school that focuses on it.

  3. Well clearly, the answer is not C because the answer to C is Jon Snow, not JoHn Snow. I am also a huge nerd and love Game of Thrones. I also teach undergraduates occasionally. I also am very into public health (I used to work at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington- try saying that 10 times after drinking a bottle of wine!)! And you know my friend Lynnae, who is awesome in every way. So, you're basically perfect.

  4. I used to teach an introductory class about computers, and I similarly covered a summary of the history of computers. One of the topics covered Grace Hopper, the developer of COBOL, an early computer-programming language. In the quiz that followed that lecture I included a question asking who developed COBOL. One of the choices was Dennis Hopper, which fully half the class chose. And I wept.

  5. Samesies on only getting through 3.5 Game of Thrones books ... for the exact same reason. <3

  6. They will laugh--nothing better than an instructor with a sense of humor. But don't you dare give them credit if they pick answer C: in GOT the correct spelling is "Jon Snow", so C is clearly not the answer ;)




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