Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 - Day 16

I realized I'm annoyed about something tangentially related to doing Whole30. Facebook groups can be super helpful and they can also be really, really irritating. I just dropped out of one that was intended to help me through this process because it was not good for my mood equilibrium. You guys have spoiled me and I was starting to think everyone out there on the world wide interweb was cool and funny and smart and basically kind-hearted.

Here's a few things I needed to remind myself of when seeking advice from randoms on the internet:

  • If you take advice from randoms on the internet without fact checking anything, that is no bueno.
  • Sometimes the randoms say things with decisive authority and it turns out they're actually full of shit.
  • Sometimes, randoms on the internet enjoy not being particularly nice for no apparent reason.
  • Sometimes, I fall into that category and have to delete my comment because even though it was fairly nice, it will open me up to comments that will make me feel like I have a petulant army of crawfish in my pants. 

I was so annoyed by a thread on a random Facebook post yesterday, that I almost quit doing the Whole 30 because I was like - these people are not even cool or supportive or anything. They were all like - "I'm more Whole30'ish than you are. I can't believe you didn't know that. You really should have known that. But I mean, you're not actually even doing the (smug and superior) Whole 30. You're just doing some hyper-vigilant clean eating for exactly 30 days, which is sad and for losers. And I KNOW THAT based on a hypothetical comment on FB thread and because I'm an expert."

That's not at all what they wrote, but that's totally how I read it. That FB group was really, really helpful my first week when I was flailing around and practically everyone on there was incredibly nice and supportive. But there are always dicks. So I think I'm done with that for now.

Another thing I learned from the internet this week: Calibrate your FitBit. I learned that from one of your comments because everyone who reads this blog is smarter than me (but nice about it, perhaps because of the pity you feel for me). Of course, once I calibrated my FitBit, the battery died and when I went to go buy a new battery, I lost the back part of my Fitbit and I was like GODDAMNSTUPIDCRAPNASTICCRAPHOLE right there in the battery aisle at Target. And since my stupid FitBit doesn't work I was like - If I go to the gym, will it even count??
No. Just no.

Another thing about today - I accidentally ate a pound of shrimp. That sounds gross. I get that. But when you make really, really good shrimp salad with home-made mayo and you basically take little bites of it non-stop for like 6 hours, it's pretty easy to eat all of it. So that's how you do it, in case you were wondering.

Here's what I ate today:
Let's just get that out of the way now.
Coffee: 2 cups with coconut cream
Breakfast: Leftover eggy enchilada bake with salsa
Lunch: A few bites of chicken and a Nick's Stick that showed up at my front door via Amazon prime.
Dinner: Paleo meat loaf with ground almonds instead of breadcrumbs with grass-fed I got on sale at Costco, leftover brussell sprouts and sweet & red potatoes.

So today was good and my kids loved their dinner and ate a ton of healthy food and I'm calling it a win. So high fives all around. Just kidding, I'll high five myself because I'm alone.
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