Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 - Day 18

We got about 6 inches of snow today and I made approximately 458 cups of cocoa with whipped cream on top and didn't even want any! I did want to squirt whipped cream directly into my mouth, though. But that's ok. Only 12 more days and I can reintroduce dairy.

Here's what I miss: cheese, milk in my coffee, a glass of wine at night after the kids go to bed, Girl Scout cookies, a nice piece of dark chocolate.

Here's what I don't miss: bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, anything carby. This is actually a huge surprise to me, but I just don't miss them at all. I miss wine, but I don't miss the unconscious way I used to reach for it most nights. I don't miss the fuzzy feeling in my head early in the morning when I stayed up watching House Hunters International too late and had another glass. I miss the idea of sweets like cake and cinnamon rolls, but now I don't actually want to eat them because I know how crappy they're going to make me feel.

I've been wondering about the choices I'm going to make when this is over and I don't have hard and fast rules to follow anymore.

I went back and looked at the Whole 30 Timeline and I realized that I don't have that "tiger blood" energy that so many people experience. I mean - I feel normal after almost a decade of feeling exhausted. But I'm not raring to go or anything.

Also, I really don't feel like I'm losing any weight. If I continue to eat as many calories as I've been eating, I sincerely doubt that I will. I'm fully compliant and following the rules but OY - it's not a weight loss program. It's about health.

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One more thing, I didn't have a headache today exactly, but I had like - the ghost of a headache. A shadow of the headache I had when I was detoxing the sugar during the first week.

Here's what I ate today:
Coffee: 3 cups with coconut cream
Breakfast: compliant bacon, leftover hash of red and sweet potatoes, fried eggs on top.
Elevenses: A big mug of warm bone broth (aka home-made chicken stock)
Lunch: leftover bolognese sauce on top of zucchini noodles
Snack: a can of tuna with a dollop of homemade mayo and some chopped veggies
Dinner: tossed salad with home-made nondairy ranch dressing, roasted cauliflower and kick ass drumsticks.
(This is a lot of food but in my defense, it was a snow day and my entire family was home and the kids were eating delicious yummy food ALL DAY LONG)

We need to talk about these drumsticks I made for dinner. I bought organic, cage free, blah blah chicken drumsticks at Costco and was feeling really smug about that. Because I got them at Costco, there were a TON of them. Fifteen drumsticks, in fact. I made all of them and they were done at about 6:30. It's 8:15 now and they're all gone. My husband at 5 of them. Each kid had at least 3. I barely got any.

E made them last week and gave me a couple and they were YUM. My husband saw them in our fridge and selfishly snacked on my special diet food and requested I please, please make them. She got the recipe from EverCleverMom and her whole family loved them, too. I tweaked her recipe slightly, added smoked paprika and fresh, chopped garlic and cloves just because I felt like it and that's what I had.

You want to make these. Recipe is HERE.
Here's today's gif. I'm cruising along with this thing, but it's not new anymore and it's still a lot of work to prep and shop for and cook everything and I'm not feeling as excited about my progress as I was last week. I mean, it's all fine and everything. But for the amount of effort that is going into this, I was sort of hoping for more of an outcome by Day 18. So this is how I feel about it all right now:

Indifferent clapping

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  1. Thank you. Thank you for being honest and real. I feel like you tell us the good parts, the hard parts & the "ehh" parts. 12 more days!

  2. Two things that may unintentionally causing issues...the amount of carbs--like potatoes--may be just enough to prevent weight loss. With PCOS, usually some amount of insulin resistance is present and it jealously causes your fat reserves to stay put [grr!]. Also, I think you are a couple of years younger than me [I'm 46] you may be having hormone imbalance issues--I started premenopause at 39. Which also tells your body to hold onto that fat [how dare they, those stupid hormones...].

    In are doing a **fantastic** job in your journey, you feel better, you aren't in that horrible fog, aren't totally exhausted, and are still more motivated to get up and out to do stuff. And the old food isn't controlling you--how on earth did you keep your from tasting that dip!

    I also think you are underestimating how much energy you may have--you have a house full of kids and just showing up would be exhausting! You sound like you are physically handling your daily drama with relative ease. As you said above, the trick is what to do with your new superpowers after this 30-day adventure is up. With a few time-saving adjustments and introducing some of your missed foods [I love dairy!] but in smaller amounts you may still be able to get similar, if not identical, maintenance results.

    Keep up the good--no, GREAT, work!! You can keep on doing it...

    1. I never thanked you for this comment, Lena. You were totally right. About everything. Seriously, every word was spot on accurate and it really helped me make sense of what was going on with me. Reading it now a month later I'm thinking you're some sort of genie. SO THANK YOU. Let's be homies.

  3. Thank you for linking up to my recipe! I'm glad you liked them - they were my saving grace during my second round of Whole 30. The first time I made them, I was seriously one plate of scrambled eggs away from being like, "Screw it! Being fat isn't so bad!"




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