Friday, March 6, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 Day 19

Today I had so much energy that I was actually itching to go work out but of course, it was yet another snow day so I couldn't (sad trombone). Today I also learned that maybe I'm eating too many carby vegetables and my stupid PCOS is like - I'm sorry but you can't lose weight because insulin resistance and you ate a single freaking carb.

By the way, I learned that from a superstar who left a comment on yesterday's post and once I read it, I was like. Yes, she's right and went back and re-read a bunch of crap and now I can't eat potatoes, either so damn.

I also learned that although I love and adore almonds, I'm pretty sure they don't love me back. That makes me sad. I ate something with ground almonds in it for lunch and I felt terrible. I have suspected for a long time that part of my heartburn issues prior to Whole 30 stemmed from eating a handful of almonds in the afternoon or evening when I felt hungry or low blood-sugary. Stupid almonds are supposed to be good for you.

One of the benefits of doing Whole 30 is that if you eat something that disagrees with you, you feel it right away. I ate those ground almonds and I know right away it was no bueno.

Here's what else I ate today:

Coffee: 3 cups with coconut cream
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on top of red & sweet potato hash with salsa and guac on top (on a paper plate, like a winner)
Lunch: Leftover meatloaf and leftover bolognese sauce
Snack: An apple dipped in cashew butter
Dinner: Red and green cabbage, diced apple, two golden potatoes, and Aidell's chicken and apple sausage, with a side of unpasteurized red cabbage and beet sauerkraut (with magical gut-healing probiotics).

Also, I've been drinking TONS of water every day but I haven't been putting that in here. Like maybe... 60 ounces a day? Maybe more? That's CRAZY, right?

And here's today's gif because when you learn all this stuff about what foods work for you, it's easy to think that's the win. And if you've already learned the lessons - then why keep going? Because I would love to have a glass of wine tonight and milk in my coffee tomorrow and not spend hours upon hours shopping, meal planning and prepping this weekend. But I then remembered that I'm more than half way through and I'm learning new stuff every day. So I think about quitting...

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  1. Julie, the fact that you're doing this has inspired me to try harder. I'm a diabetic in denial. I eat crap, only wear my insulin pump when I feel like it, stick my fingers in my ears and skip along singing Tra la la. Muy no bueno. I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet my grandkids and I'm not going to if I keep this up. With all that said, how/where do you find grass fed chicken and pasture raised pork? We already have a steady diet of venison, so no beef. I went to Trader Joe's, read all their packaging, and couldn't find anything that said that specifically. I have the nom nom paleo book and several others. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you, Anne

    1. The answer is - Costco has organic meat and I buy that because it's as cheap as I can find it. If I buy organic or pasture-raised meat at Trader Joes or even Wegmans for my family for every meal, we'd be in the poor house. But look - ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. And you know what else? Trying is better than not trying. Sending you HUGE hugs! xoxo




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