Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 - Day 24 & 25

It happened! I felt the TIGER BLOOD today and I was WINNING. I ran around doing all of the things including taking a really, really epic walk and still have tons of energy. It's crazy. Thank you, Tiger Blood, I am in love with you. I could seriously get used to this. It probably doesn't hurt that I got a great night's sleep last night. No one woke up. Nobody snored at me. And I woke up early and hit the ground running and pretty much haven't stopped.

Oh by the way, the reason I didn't blog last night? My kids would not go to sleep. Would Not. It was no bueno. I may have yelled. A lot.

Another update! After doing a really great but ass-kicking workout on Monday, I can finally lift my arms above my boobs so I'm no longer eating like I'm a t-rex. So that's nice for me.

What I ate yesterday:
Coffee: 2 cups with coconut milk
Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with spinach, topped with salsa and guac
Lunch: A grilled ribeye and sauteed veggies (at a restaurant! food I did not cook myself!)
Snack: Lara bar (this was a mistake - too much sugar and I could feel it immediately. As a matter of fact, I'm still feeling it.)
Dinner: Aidell's sausage on a bed of sautéed cabbage, carrots, and apples with sauerkraut on the side.

What I ate today:
Coffee: 2 cups with coconut milk
Breakfast: Leftover chicken sausage with sautéed onions and peppers
Lunch: Aidell's sausage on a bed of sautéed cabbage, carrots, and apples with sauerkraut on the side.
Snack: A handful of dried pineapple slices from Trader Joes that were delicious (but also probably had too much sugar for me)
Dinner: Fantastic, amazing grilled flank steak because it's GRILLING WEATHER AND SO I MUST GRILL THE MEAT.  I marinated the steak with kosher salt, garlic, cilantro, olive oil and tons of lime juice and it was out of this world. I served it with sautéed onions and peppers and home made salsa and guac. My family had tortillas and made fajitas with it and I just ate it all up.
Night time snack: Kombucha with chia seeds in a wine glass.

So here's today's gif. Because I finally felt the ever-elusive Tiger blood!

charlie sheen animated GIF

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  1. What is the name of this elusive compliant bacon?




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