Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reluctant Whole 30 - Results & Follow Up - Updated

It's Day 31 and I did a couple of important follow up things today:
  • I weighed myself (finally).
  • I took "after" measurements.
  • I added dairy (in small amounts) back into my diet, otherwise I'm still eating clean because I don't want to make myself sick.
  • I went to the doctor for a full check-up with bloodwork.

Results, so far:
  • I lost 14 pounds.
  • I lost inches - specifically:
    • Waist: -4 inches 
    • Hips: -3 inches 
    • Bicep: -.5 inch 
    • Upper Thigh: -1.5 inches
  • I had no reaction at all to the milk in my coffee or the butter I used to scramble my eggs. Then I put a sprinkle of expensive shredded parmesan on my zucchini noodles and bolognese sauce at dinner and I've felt gassy and crampy ever since. THIS SUCKS HARD BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, CHEESE.
I'll get the results of my blood work next week. Here's how I feel about the results of my Whole 30 so far:

Nailed It

It's now Day 33 and I've lost 2 more pounds! Yesterday I added some honey to a home-made sad dressing and it tasted amazing but I think it may have given me some heartburn. I also had a glass of wine last night (organic and sulfate free) and it tasted nice and made me feel happy/sleepy and then I woke up at 5am feeling like GARBAGE with cotton mouth and a sour stomach and that part sucked hard.

Today I went to Zoe's Kitchen and had salmon, potatoes and greek salad with feta and so far I feel great. Maybe goat cheese is the key.

Also, here's my before and after pictures - not a huge difference but my ass definitely looks better and I mean, isn't that what it's all about?? 

Day 2
Day 33
Another Update: 
It's now over a week since I finished and I'm still eating more or less compliant food. I think dairy causes me heart burn (and that SUCKS).  While I've had a couple glasses of wine, it just doesn't taste or feel the same and even in small amounts it makes the morning BRUTAL. I haven't had any bread or pasta and haven't missed it. I had a big, huge slice of delicious rum cake made by Catholic church ladies that you can only get once a year and it tasted sooooooo goooood. Then I had to lie down because I felt like I'd eaten poison. That feeling lasted for 3 hours.

Oh and I've lost another 2 pounds!

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  1. YAY! Congrats, that's so awesome!!!!!

  2. Those are amazing results - congratulations!!!!

  3. Congrats!!! Job well done! A whole 30 is not easy!

  4. Impressive! And the best thing is how good you feel!

  5. Try goat cheese, it is easier to digest and truly yummy. Especially the blueberry vanilla from Trader Joes, who even has sliced goat cheese that tastes like mozzarella.

  6. Wow, that's fantastic! Good job!

  7. No celebratory glass of wine on glass 31?

  8. I agree with trying goat cheese or even just a softer cheese.

  9. Fan-FREAKING-tastic!! Good job, lady!!

  10. amazing!!! you are awesome!

  11. You look fantastic! Really you can see a difference.

  12. You look great!! Actually the after pictures make you look *professional.* Congrats!! It must be very hard to choose between those two extremes - feeling great while preparing difficult expensive meals, and feeling crappy but enjoying some wine and cheese..

  13. Great job! I just finished my first Whole30 and kept with it for a few more weeks since I was used to it. I lost another 5 lbs by sticking with it. I now get a wicked hangover from sugar and carbs so I don't eat them. It's not that I don't want to get fat when I don't eat something, it's that I don't want the hangover. Keep up the good work!!

  14. You did an amazing job and the proof is in the pictures! Congratulations!!!

  15. You do look amazing! For me, the face tells a LOT. In the before shot you looked a bit puffy, and a little miserable [stupid camera]. But in the after, you look pleased. Happy. And ready to kick a**. Take that, camera!

    I hope you can find a way to incorporate some of those new habits into your daily routine. Congratulations!!

  16. Julie, your before and after pictures really show a difference! I thought you looked slender and definitely more toned in the after pictures. I start my Whole30 tomorrow. My birthday is May 1 so I thought I'd give myself that as a present. 2 quick questions: can you get nitrate free bacon at Whole foods (I've only been there once and was completely overwhelmed) and by now I've forgotten the 2nd question. My brain sucks!

  17. Any whole 30 updates for us?

    1. YES!! I've been meaning to write one! Quick summary is that 2 months after finishing I still don't eat sugar, grains, soy or legumes. No wheat, bread, rice, pasta, cereal - and don't miss it at all. I added dairy back in and have been enjoying it knowing it doesn't cause me any problems. I drink about 1/4 as often because wine makes the mornings brutal. I've lost another 5 lbs. I don't have any heartburn, blood sugar swings or food-related fatigue. I have a lot more energy and as a result, am getting more exersize. It's been... Life changing. And awesome.

  18. I've just finished reading your full whole 30 experience. It's definitely refreshing to hear I'm not the only one doing this very reluctantly and I don't have to get a health obsessed, super excited, health coach to be able to do it! I wanted to know I'm not the only person that's going to possibly break down and cry without wine and cheese for a month.
    Thanks of much for the honest review!
    Out of curiosity, have you stuck to any of it a year later?

  19. One of your gifs early in your Whole30 experience was your invisible friend, Jennifer Lawrence. I've decided to make you my invisible friend, because you are funny and awesome!! I am ready to start Monday and hope I'm half as great as yiu5!

  20. You just saved my Whole30. I'm on day 16 and insanely emotional. So I ate a massive potato with compliant ranch and thumbed through your blog. Thank youuuuuuuu.

  21. Just read every single day of your Whole30 blog. I am on day 4 and feel like crap. But I will persevere. Thank you for your wisdom, tips, and humor! thoroughly enjoyed reading and loved your pics! Very inspirational! Curious if you still maintain some of the changes you made when you did Whole30 or if you have done more rounds of it as people often seem to do for a yearly "reset."




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