Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adrienne Hedger! Hedger Humor! Cartoons! AAAHHHH!

You guys I'm kind of losing it because Adrienne Hedger, cartoonist extraordinaire of Hedger Humor, responded to my pleas and my light stalking and created a cartoon with me. I may have also promised her baby goats in sweaters, so I shall place them here where we can all enjoy them:

These Baby Goats In Tiny Sweaters Will Make Your Day
Are you ready? She created the cartoon based on an old blog post called "10 Questions for my Preschooler".  Here it is! I love it so much!

Check out Adrienne's hilarious work on her website and follow her on Facebook!

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  1. YES, to all of them. And in the spirit of the season I would add:

    Why are you willing to hunt for Easter eggs pretty much forever, even going so far as to demand I hide them again, and yet when your favorite toy is "missing" (on the floor but not in direct line of sight) you tell me you CAN'T find it, it's "too hard!!"????

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so funny! Thanks for the post! I would have worked with you even WITHOUT the baby goats, for the record!




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