Thursday, March 10, 2016

How I Know It's Spring

In case you were wondering, it's actually Spring where I live, regardless of what the calendar says. Winter is over. I hope you've all registered for camp by now because it's already too late. Please enjoy this list of all the reasons I know it's Spring.

It’s just warm enough that the frightening smell in my minivan has been reawakened. 
I spend days thinking I’m getting sick and taking vitamin C until I realize it’s pollen and that in the war for supremacy, Pollen is my green-dappled overlord.
I check the weather app and it’s “Yes sweetie, you can wear shorts to school even though it’s freezing when you leave for the bus in the morning” degrees outside.

My dog will shed enough fur to make an entirely new dog every day this week. 
Tis the season of my kids claiming they’re not thirsty and then drinking all my water. 
Definitely time to discuss with my fifth grader why deodorant is mandatory. 
Proactively remember to wear sunblock because OH YES I AM A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. Apply incorrectly and spend the entire day with burning red eyes in the manner of a teenage stoner. 
The rotting corpse smell that greets me when I forget to move the laundry to the dryer within 24 hours. 
It's almost magical how my kids have moved exclusively to flip flops, yet are still leaving inside-out socks everywhere. How? 
I consider wearing flip flops until I look at my hooves and acknowledge that we’re well beyond the point of a self-pedicure. 
The boy just came downstairs in jeans that reach two inches above his ankles. He looks like he should be swabbing a deck.
You resign yourself that this weekend you'll probably have to begin the dreaded Seasonal Clothing Migration
Oh goody! It's almost time for lots and lots of standardized testing!
I put all the sports, scouting, and other random kid activities on the calendar for the next two months and HOLD ME, BABY JESUS.
There’s a 100% chance of coming face to face with my nemesis the ice cream truck this week.    
I will need to try on shorts and possibly wear them in front of others. 

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