Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I hate 2016 and I've heard enough.

Facebook just showed me a photo from a year ago. It was the day my daughter threw a Halloween party at the Katherine Hanley Family Shelterand we connected with some amazing people (including Batman).
There was a boy who worked really hard with us to make the party a success that day. He was hilarious, smart, and kind. He looked everyone from little kids to adults in the eye and spoke in the same friendly, respectful way to every body. I mean, how many 12 year old boys are like that? I haven’t met very many. He was exactly the kind of awesome kid you want your children to be friends with. He was staying at the shelter with his family. We looked for him a few weeks later to connect for Halloween, and then again for Christmas, but he was gone. I still wonder where he is and pray that he and his family are well.
This picture is a much-needed reminder for me of how bad circumstances happen to the very best people, that good fortune is not bestowed just upon those who are deserving of it, and that we all belong to each other. 

It's also a reminder that I have done less for others in 2016 than I should have. So I'm going to finish out this ridiculous year by turning away from the craziness and negativity in protest. This is not the world I want for our kids and I’m done trying to make sense of it. I’ve lost heart and hope and I’m getting it back. I’m going to find practical, positive ways to serve others, even if those ways are small or stupid, and I'm starting now. 
I’m buying extra tampons for the women’s shelter.
I’m helping out a neighbor whose leaves need raking.
I’m showing up at my kids school and saying “what do you need help with today?”
I’m calling someone who needs to be told that they are seen and appreciated.
I’m having those hard and awkward talks with my kids about doing the right things, not the easy things.
I’ve heard a lot recently about women needing to rise up and be heard. Well I’m tired of listening. I’ve heard enough. I’m going to do what women have always done when the world feels like it’s falling apart - I’m going to ignore the noise and the nonsense and get to work putting it back to together piece by piece.

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