Monday, February 13, 2017


Please note: If you ever run into me, there is a 90%
chance it will be at Target & that I will be wearing jeans
and a black shirt to hide my boob stain from my coffee.
Well, everyone, my greatest wish as a blogger has finally come true: I am getting paid to shop at Target and write about it. The timing could not have been better either, because the week that the very special and important product (Persil ProClean) became available nationwide at Target was also the week that my family got hit with the flu. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the third most annoying thing about the stomach flu is the amount of laundry it creates. Laundry is not one of my skills as an adult human under the best of circumstances and a norovirus outbreak in my house is definitely not normal. So let’s just say I got to test Persil ProClean under some high-stakes circumstances. I’m delighted to tell you that it worked really well, which is a huge relief because I have never wanted to a sponsored post to work out more in my life.

Once someone in my house gets sick enough that we’re elevated to code yellow “sick day” status, I usually end up in one of two places - the pediatrician’s office or Target, often both. Otherwise, I can be found at home in my stretchy pants, snuggling and watching Netflix with the small invalid in question. So once I realized what was going on in my house, I made a list and headed out to get provisions. 

Here is my list:

Please note that only one item was capitalized. These were desperate times.
Also note that it was the one item I ended up forgetting (because there is always one).
While I was there, I hunted everywhere for the Persil ProClean and may have mentioned (several times) (to anyone who would listen) that I was working on an extremely important and professional blog post about this product. But then I couldn’t find it, so I had to ask one of my red-shirted friends if they had it and where it was (which was fine because it gave me the opportunity to bring it up again).

It turns out that it had it’s own end cap because it’s so special and fancy. Look at me (above) and how happy I am to have found it. None of this was embarrassing for my teenage daughter, who was with me, in case you were wondering.*

*Just kidding, my joy and enthusiasm were extremely embarrassing for her. This added to the experience.

Over the next few days, I washed loads and loads and loads of sheets, blankets and towels on temperature “SUPER HOT/PLEASE GOD KILL ALL THE NORO GERMS”. I also used it on “COLD/PLEASE GOD DO NOT SHRINK MY ALREADY TOO TIGHT JEANS”. It did really well on both. Also, it smelled great and I ended up not using fabric softener and honestly, not needing it. 

I should maybe mention here that I have a crappy, old fashioned washing machine and dryer from 10 years ago, that conveyed when I bought my house. The kind that when people on HGTV see them, when touring a potential house, they derisively snort and say, “Well, we’ve to replace those right away.” That’s what I have in my home. 

In conclusion, if during this cold and flu season you find yourself doing the requisite sick day Target run and finding that you need laundry detergent, I suggest buying Persil ProClean (coupon for $2 off is here) because it is awesome and also because they made my dream come true.  

Also! Little known fun fact! If your crafty kids are into making slime with detergent and glue - Persil is supposed to be awesome for this purpose. There are many blog posts and YouTube videos about making DIY slime and for some reason, lately my kids are into that. 

This post is sponsored by Target and Persil Proclean. All thoughts are my own but please know my heart is legitimately full with love for these two companies. Thank you for hiring me. And Target, you complete me. 5% off with my Red Card for life. xoxo, Julie

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