Friday, September 22, 2017

10 Things I Have Cried About in the Past 24 Hours

Things I Have Cried About Because of PMS in the Past 24 Hours (no particular order):
1) How much I love my dogs
2) Puerto Rico
3) Because my brand new nephew is so tiny and beautiful
4) That choreography video I saw on Facebook to Kendrick Lamar's Humble because those young dancers are so talented and passionate about their art
5) Because for once I had a really productive day and maybe I CAN DO THIS
6) Why do kids have to have anxiety? It's not fair.
7) Accidentally listened to religious/praise music in the car and lasted 15 seconds into the song before weeping
8) Husband was very considerate and thoughtful and was momentarily overwhelmed with gratitude
9) My brother is still dead
10) **looked around at the whole world and was like what in the actual hell is happening to us all right now**

People in our Facebook Community left some really amazing comments in response to this and I love them so much:

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