Thursday, April 11, 2019

I am Kevin McAllister. Day One.

My husband took our children to the great state of Texas for five days for Spring Break. I must stay here, at home, because I have to teach and work. This happens every year, the university where I teach usually has their spring break a month before my kids' rolls around. This means I'm not really able to travel and my kids sullenly accept that we are stuck at home for a week, slowly growing more and more irritated with each other because there is nothing to do. 
But this year, I am at home alone in the manner of Kevin McAllister for almost five whole days. I have lots of deadlines and work to do BUT OMG THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.
I have a list of non-work related things I want to do:
*Read many, many trashy books and a couple of good ones
*Not cook or clean any of the things
*So many naps
*Go see the new After movie if I can find any other adults who will go with me, even if they haven't read the books
*Go to yoga
*Order take-out, repeat daily
*Watch what I want on the big TV

(also what should I watch because I always end up watching the same shit again and again)
(update: Can't watch Netflix because Mini lost the remote for the big TV that allows it to toggle between cable and Netflix/Amazon Prime and now I am desolate.)
(update: Is fine because Game of Thrones premiere is this weekend so will just rewatch old seasons)
*Not have weird, periodic panic attacks about the safety of my family because they are away from me
(update have only had a couple)

What should I add to this list? Help! I need to make the most of this special, special time!
xoxo, Julie

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