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You need some hot summer reading? We got you.

Hi there friends! Julie here, with my old friend Harlow Cole (check out her books here!).

This week on FB, I promised to share my favorite romance novels, or as I call them - Inappropriate Lady Books. I asked HC to help me. She and I orginally bonded a million years ago in the bathroom at a cub scout meeting when I saw she was wearing a Twilight t-shirt without shame and I was like "I need to tell you that I taught a Twighlight-themed bible study last summer and only moms showed up and now you know that about me." 

She even wrote a blog post about Sweet Valley High for me six freaking years ago after I accused her of being a closet writer based soley on her epic FB updates. 

And guess what happened? SHE SNUCK UP ON ME AND WROTE A COUPLE OF STEAMY AND AMAZING AND BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED BOOKS. The first one comes out July 18th and we all need to read it together and swoon and then ask her really uncomfortable questions.

So yesterday, HC and I sat in our daughters' dance recital dress rehearsal and hashed out some of our favorite romance books. Mine come first, then hers, then I tell you about her book. 

NOTE: By the way, I have Kindle Unlimited so we mention where these books are available on KU, since if you have it - the books are free. Also, a couple of these books are just free right now, regardless of KU and we mention that, too. Because free books are awesome. No affiliate links because I'm a jackass who hasn't gotten that set up because I am terrible at blogging.

Vicious by LJ Shen (Sinners of Saints Book 1) 
Harlow and I are putting LJ Shen at the top of the list because we both picked this book. It spans the tumultuous and toxic relationship between the aptly named Vicious and the sweet, lilac-haired Emilia that starts in high school and ends ten years later when they run into each other and things weird in the worst/best way. IMHO, you really can’t go wrong with any of LJShen’s books. Some are a little dark, but all are reallllllly good. I’ve read them all and they’re all on Kindle Unlimited, if that’s your jam. 
Also check out “The Kiss Thief.”

The After Series by Anna Todd
Hardin and Tessa. Oh God. This is based on Twilight/50 Shades/One Direction fan fiction. The relationship is toxic and messed up and a lot of people are like - NO THIS IS BAD - but I don’t care. I read all of them in about a week and I would do it again and I’m going to see all the movies, probably the night they open. I wrote a movie review about the first one and it's right here

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire 
OMFG THIS BOOK. I read it twice. Abby Abernathy comes to college looking for a fresh start and meets Travis Maddox, campus stud and underground fighter. Their slow burn/will they/won’t they/for the love god just kiss him already is soooooo good. Also, there are a million books featuring punchy/fighty/boxing/MMA boys but Travis is my favorite.

The Chase (Briar U Book 1) or The Deal (Off Campus Book 1) – by Elle Kennedy
These two books (and the series they kick off) are all stand-alones and are about the fictional ivy league Briar University and their national championship hockey team. Apparently, hot hockey players are a thing. I did not know that. The characters are smart, the writing is pitch perfect, and as I mentioned, the books in these series occasionally veer into genuinely funny, belly laugh territory. I think this is some of the best NA/college age stuff out there.

The Kiss Quotient and/or The Bride Test by Helen Huang 
In the Kiss Quotient, nerdy, career-driven Stella hires an escort (the ridiculous Michael) to tutor her about sex. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS? It's better than you can imagine. It's so good. It's like a gender-swapped pretty woman but a thousand times better. The Bride Test is about Khai, a super handsome but emotionally distant man whose mother finds him a prospective bride from Vietnam and forces them to spend the summer together. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS? Hint - it's great.

I seriously can’t recommend these books enough. They’re really, really well-written, smart, paced perfectly, are super sexy, have great character development and are filled with warm fuzzies. Also! In both books, one of the romantic leads is on the Autism spectrum. You will read these super fast and tell your kids to eat cereal for dinner because you’re busy.  

Boyfriend Bargain or Dirty English by Ilsa Madden Mills
I love all her books so pick the one you want based on whether you want to read about a sporty college romance or a tough, fighty English guy. Actually, start with Boyfriend Bargain - give it five minutes and you'll be sucked into the frat party where Sugar Ryan doesn't even want to be and then be like "GURL, WHY ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM WITH THAT GUY?" and then it's two in the morning and you're like - oh wait, how did I just read that whole book in one sitting and do I really have to go to work tomorrow?
(Also, tons of her stuff is on KU)

After We Fall by Melanie Harlow
Well-written, sweet, and featuring a very grouchy farmer/widow/army vet who just can’t help being super hot and does not want to fall in love with the quirky city girl who accidentally saw him neaked while jogging and then climbed a tree to get a better view.  Available FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Flirting with the Fremeny (Bro Code Book 1) or Mister McHottie by Pippa Grant
I love, love, love Pippa Grant books because they’re funny, bordering on super silly, clever and are full of lovable characters. Sometimes even animal characters, like parrots named Long Beak Silver who say curse words in front of small children during pirate-themed festivals. The guys in her books are either professional athletes (usually hockey players) or musicians (who were childhood friends and were all in the same boy band). Her female leads are funny, smart, and quirky - and in a couple of cases, total weirdos. I adore her books and sometimes wonder if she writes while drunk. I mean this respectfully. (People have asked me the same question but usually only in regards to my old blog posts that are actually funny).
Available FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers series, book 1) 
 love the whole Brooklyn Bruisers hickey series (that was supposed to be hockey but I'm correcting it because these are ILB's). Funny, well-written, not super trope-y, and lots of loveable characters running throughout the series. There's nothing not to love about these books. which is right here:

Also should mention, I loved the WAGS hockey series she wrote with Elle Kennedy. And double also, Sarina writes some M/M romance (though not in this series) so maybe "inappropriate lady and gentleman" books is a better description for this blog post or maybe just make it all gender-neutral because it is 2019, Julie. Jesus, get it together.

Bad Habit (Bad Love Book 1) by Charleigh Rose 
Link to group post of hot roofer (must join group to view if you're not already in it)

The Wonder of You by Harper Kincaid
I know her in real life! All of her books are great and will totally suck you in! This one is my fave of hers.

Beyond the Break by Kristen Mae
This was actually the first book in the genre that I read and OMG it's so steamy and features a F/F couple working together in Italy for the summer who can't quite fight their attraction and what is going on and can she overcome the bad things in her past and will they or won't they and... JUST READ IT.

Pucked by Helena Hunting
If you aren’t already a hockey fan, this book will ensure you become one. It’s laugh out loud funny and super sexy at the same time. You’ll root for Alex to win, on and off the ice. The good news is this book kicks off an entire standalone series, so there’s plenty to feed your new addiction.

Idol by Kristen Callahan 
What happens when the hottest rock star on the planet passes out in your front yard? Do you need to ask? Everyone digs a guy with a guitar. In my next life I’d like to write like Kristen. This book is hot and sexy, and written so beautifully you can’t wait to crack open her next book. And don’t worry, this is book one in a three book series.

Making Faces by Amy Harmon 
Amy writes super emotional stories that will gut you and then leave you smiling. This is the story of the super hot guy from high school who went off to war and came home irrevocably changed. You will root for Fern and feel grateful for all the men in the world like Ambrose Young. Available FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

The Swedish Prince or Love, In English by Karina Halle
Either one of these books will leave you swooning. No one writes a better hot-guy-with-an- accent than Karina. And who doesn’t love a royal? 
Available FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
Samantha is the original hot-accent writer. Braden Carmichael (perfect romance novel name by the way) is Scottish. Do I need to say more? Sex scenes in Scottish. You’ll read this book twice.

Consequences by Aletha Romig 
This book has to come with a warning label. You will throw it against the wall — at least twice. It has some dark themes and plot twists that give you whiplash. You will hate Anthony Rawlings and then you will fall madly in love with him. You’ll beg for book two.

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan 
Hot biker gang. If you love angsty. slow burn romance this one is for you. You will want a tattoo by the end.

Watch and See by Jiffy Kate 
You know when you fall in love with side characters. Everyone wants a Mr. Chan in their life. And we’ve all secretly stared at the hot gut living across the street. Available FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Wrong by Jana Aston
Know the hot guy you’ve crushed on in the coffee shop? The guy you’re never gonna meet? What happens when he’s the doctor at the clinic. The one staring at you in a paper gown and handing you that Rx for birth control. Super sexy, right. Only it is…


Dawson’s Creek meets Friday Night Lights (except baseball). I’m not just saying this because my friend wrote this book - it’s one of the best books I’ve read in this genre and in the past year I’ve read over 100 YA/NA/Romance books. Like coming of age stories? Like sports heroes? Like slow burn? IT HAS EVERYTHING. It comes out July 18th and the second book comes out two weeks later and it will be on KU but everyone should download it and read it and then we’re going to have a FB hangout/book club meeting with her where we can ask her ANYTHING. 


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