Thursday, July 18, 2019

Good Kids and Dumb Choices - It's normal

"It's critical to remember that every child, no matter how smart and responsible, will make mistakes... Making mistakes and learning how to deal with the consequences of our choices are key developmental lessons all kids need to learn."
-Chapter 1, Raising a Screen Smart Kid
This post is just a quick reminder that even the best kids are going to do some really dumb stuff sometimes - it's called "growing up." It doesn't make them bad people and doesn't make you a bad parent. 
Make a mistake? Take responsibility, learn from it, move forward. Online and in-person - same rules apply. 

And for the record, we all did a ton of dumb stuff when we were kids, too. Only we weren't doing it when literally everyone around us could record and document all of our adolescent stupidity for posterity.
((Quickly crosses self and thanks baby Jesus for this, as was an enormous idiot as a teenager))

Love, Julie
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