Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Purge (Middle Age Mom Version)

I am currently purging and donating ALL OF THE THINGS. I am not doing my usual emptying out of a closet, creating a huge chaotic mess, getting overwhelmed and then leaving bags of crap all over the basement & in the back of my car for 3 months. Dropping off today. TODAY.

There was no thoughtful Marie Kondo-ing happening. It was more like “GET THEE INTO A BOX OR TRASH BAG AND GET THYSELF LOADED NOW NOW NOW BEFORE THE

In this the year of our Lord 2020, I say unto you bye bye garage sale Barbie Houses and stuffed animals and random framed artwork from 15 years ago.

I need less shit in my life and a clean house and so help me THIS YEAR, I WILL HAVE THAT. 

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