Monday, October 5, 2020

Here's to doing something small

Hi Friends,

Last week I decided to download an app to help me track meals, physical activity, etc in an effort to be healthier. The only lifestyle change I committed to was logging what I ate every day.
There is a mountain of data that tells us when you do this, your habits shift. Accounting for what you eat tends to make you more aware, more thoughtful, less likely to be careless. That in turn, leads to healthier choices, which (if maintained) can lead to better health.
It’s kind of a universal truth:
“What gets measured, gets managed.”
“The grass is greener where you water it.”
Insert quote/platitude of your choice. There’s a good one about choosing which wolf to feed.
The world feels a little out of control at the moment, so doing this small thing makes me feel... slightly calmer, I guess. I’ll take it.

I bring it up only because I think managing our mental health and well-being is important. What I’m doing is free, takes about ten minutes a day, and it’s making me feel a little better.
As with anything else, my kids are watching. So I narrate what I’m doing. I tell them the why behind the behavior. That COVID, closing on our house this week, the election, the move, so many other things feel overwhelming right now. That taking responsibility for this one small aspect of my life feels like healthy coping so I’m doing it for a while.
Another universal truth: Healthy coping is often elusive and difficult to maintain, while unhealthy coping is effortless, distracting, and deceptively comfortable.
So right now I’m putting my energy into something small and positive, rather than doom scrolling or doom baking or doom drinking or any of the things that would manage my overwhelm temporarily but leave me feeling worse afterwards.
Is there one small thing you can do to help yourself feel better? A five minute walk every day? A scheduled call with a friend? Reading or praying or meditating for a few minutes? Getting another 30 minutes of sleep? Using an app to guide your breathing? I don’t know - it doesn’t have to be big. Or cost anything. Or require a huge commitment.
If you’re feeling the same overwhelm that I am, maybe this is a reminder that your mental health could use a little watering to help it stay green. And if I can do it, so can you.
If you’re doing a small thing to make yourself feel better every day, let us know what it is and if it’s helping (the comments for this post are all over on Facebook).
And from me to you: I see how hard you’re trying. As long as no one catches on fire or has hooks for hands by bedtime, you’re doing fine. Also, you look really pretty today and you smell nice.
xo, Julie

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