Friday, October 2, 2020

Please, please vote

As you know, I moved to Ohio from Virginia this summer. One of the first things I did was get a new driver's license, in part because I wanted to register to vote here as early as possible. My husband did the same and the confirmation of his registration arrived a couple of weeks later.
I've been waiting for almost a month and as of today, I haven't received any confirmation. So I clicked over to the official Ohio state site to confirm my registration and as it turns out, I was never registered. In Ohio, the deadline to register is October 5th (that's Monday). Early voting starts the next day.
So my friends, if you have any doubts at all about your voter registration status, please check it today. Go to your state's website and find the link to register or confirm registration.
This election means a lot to me. Living in a swing state feels like a big responsibility. If you've read my blog over time, you know that I'm a Democrat. I've voted for Republicans in the past (particularly for local office) and I likely will again.
I'm voting for Biden in this election, primarily because I don't support the current administration and feel that as a country, we're worse off now than we were four years ago. I could say a lot more here but I'm not going to. It won't change anyone's mind and God knows the internet doesn't need more performative white lady wokeness. You know where I stand.
I'm encouraging everyone who is part of this online community to do our duty as citizens and vote. If you haven't registered yet, the deadline is days away so now is the time. Here's a link below to get you started:

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