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Who actually writes Rants from Mommyland?
Lydia (known in real life as Julianna W. Miner)
Lydia is a mother of three who has been married for fifteen years. She adores her children, who range in age from 4-10, in spite of the fact that they are little terror suspects. She has been both a stay at home and working mom and found both to be exhausting. She is currently teaching Public Health at a college she couldn't have gotten into because she made bad choices in high school. She also write for Babble Voices.

She lives in the suburbs and drives a mini-van referred to as the Big White Tampon (BWT). She has a dog (who is very young) and a cat (who is very old and sort of a dick). 

Her house is always dirty but the food is always good. She teaches Sunday School but lets her kids listen to Lil Wayne in the BWT sometimes (provided they don't tell their father). She hopes you like the Mommyland Rants and thanks you very much for taking the time to check them out.

Who is the best contributor/Mommy in Residence in the history of ever?
Guru Louise (known in real life as Claire Goss) has been a great friend and helper to Mommyland over the past two years. In fact, the Holiday Hooker Helping Project would not have happened without her tireless work and kind, loving heart. Also - wine. Lots of wine. Anyway, now that Kate is working full-time and Lydia is working two part-time jobs, we asked the Guru is she wouldn't mind stepping in and helping us out in a more official capacity. So here she is - our official Mommy in Residence! 

Guru is a mother of two who has been married for five years. She is currently a suburban stay-at-home mom to her kids, who are both under age four--which means she spends much of her day discussing and subsequently wiping bodily fluids. She first started reading Rants in 2010 after her second child was born and she stopped sleeping...and having rational thoughts. Mommyland quickly became a happy escape where she could maniacally laugh at her laptop with a glass of wine while receiving nervous looks from her husband and children.

She earned her "Guru" status by accurately predicting that Kate and Lydia's blog would become a wildly popular sanctuary for all moms who are about to lose their damn minds. She thanks you for reading and feels undying gratitude to Kate and Lydia for saving her from commitment to the nervous hospital.

What happened to Kate? 
Our dearly beloved Mommy Emeritus Kate  
(known in real life as Kristin Wilson Keppler)
And although she is no longer technically with us here in Mommyland, Kate is still an ever-present force. She and Lydia started the blog together in 2009. When her youngest child went off to Kindergarten, Kate went back off to work full time. She still contributes with all of the Give It Up Mommyland projects, which would never get done without her.

Here's her bio: Kate is a mother of three who has been married for nine years to two husbands. She works full time in the TV news business, which means she's basically failing at two jobs rather than one. However, her bosses tend to praise her work, mostly because she doesn't threaten to send them to their rooms every seven minutes.

And, she looks in her very fashionable closet and sees that the amount of money she has pissed away on shoes that she has no place to wear is more than her entire annual salary. She finds her Lydia and Guru to be exceedingly funny, and, thanks to you reading this blog, her childrens' and husband's antics are just more material for this place rather than a reason to self-medicate. She hopes you enjoy reading MommyLand as much as she enjoyed writing it.

About MommyLand
Kate & Lydia started MommyLand in the Fall of 2009, when we realized we were slowly going insane.  Rather than take copious amounts of prescription medication, we wrote each other emails about losing our schmidt and doing too much laundry.  One day, Kate decided that these emails should become a blog and Rants from MommyLand was born.  

Now that Kate's kids are older and all in school, she has returned to full-time work in her chosen profession (she is a swanky TV producer). She still pops by to make jokes and help out with projects that lend a hand to moms and families in need. About the same time she went back to work, Guru Louise stepped in to help with writing, editing and all the Give It Up Mommyland projects.

What's with the pseudonyms, you idiots?
Kate & Lydia started the blog writing under assumed names to protect their secret identies and guilty secrets.  And also the privacy of their families.  None of the names used on here are real.  But then they had the opportunity to write rants for other people (like stuff for Babble.com,  The Huffington Post,  Nickelodeon's Parents Connect and Washington Times communities) and go on TV and prattle on about stuff, so they had to start using their real names for that.  In Mommyland, however they will remain Kate & Lydia forevah!



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