Give It Up, Mommyland

"Give it Up, Mommyland" is what we call any project we do that helps moms and babies and kids and families. Wait. What did you think it meant? Sinner. Just kidding, it's supposed to be a mildly obnoxious name because as you know - we ourselves are mildly obnoxious.

It started with a guest post called "The Domestic Enemies of the Low Income Mom". The story of this family and the amazing reaction it got, motivated us to do something. Because we couldn't forget the stories of people from within our own Mommyland community that broke our hearts and opened our eyes. 

Moms with husbands deployed in Afghanistan, trying to put together a holiday for their kids with food stamps and hope. Moms who were chronically broke trying to care for a special needs child. Moms who found themselves suddenly on their own, wondering how to explain to their kids that their dad was gone and there would be no gifts this year. Family after family where one parent got sick or laid off, and there was just no work. And there was no money. And no idea what they were going to do.

In Mommyland, we rant and giggle. We act stupid and try not to take things too seriously. We help each other find the funny in the absurd and sometimes overwhelming process of parenting. This is how we approach life, knowing that it can be hard and that very bad things can happen to very good people. Knowing that it happens every day.

Doing these projects taught us that our kids learn something from watching us help others. And we need our kids to be the kind of people who GET IT. We help others. When those bad things happen to good people, we have to all take care of each other. And we don't just talk about stuff or complain about how bad things are, we get out there and do something about it.  

So that's what "Give It Up, Mommyland" is all about. It's not a lot - but it's something. We can all do something. Our next project will be for Mother's Day 2013 and it's going to be awesome.

Mother's Day 2013,

  • We threw a Mother's Day party where 6 shelters and over 200 moms, dads, grandparents and kids volunteered their time to help families in need.
  • We created 100 Mother's Day gifts for women living in domestic violence and homeless shelters.
  • We collected donations toys and school supplies for 100 children living in domestic violence and homeless shelters.
  • We created a series of hilarious Mother's Day cards with Naughty Betty and thanks to our sponsor Sweet Relish, we raised over $1,600 for Shelter House.

Christmas 2012,
Mother's Day 2012,
Christmas 2011,
We also honor our families who serve through,

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