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I know it's annoying to spell it out like this - but if you knew the amount of PR spam we get every day… And if you're a PR person please note that WE DO NOT DO PRODUCT REVIEWS. If you send us a spammy email, we will just delete it or ask not to be contacted again. 

Please note that our old  lydia and kate (at) rantsfrommommyland (dot) com email account is fatally broken - I'm very sorry! If you sent us an email there between late November 2011 and now, there's a pretty good chance that we didn't get it.)

I read (and truly appreciate) every single email, but I'm just not able to respond to them all. I sincerely apologize in advance for my douchiness. I know it's lame. But a huge part of the problem is wading through the hundreds of PR spam emails I get each week. I really apologize. 

I have an unhealthy love for Facebook and you can pretty much find me there all the damn time. There's over 35,000 of us on Facebook acting stupid together, so please come on over and join us.

You can also find me on Twitter on

Though I completely suck at Twitter, so consider yourself warned. Have you ever asked your grandmother to text you something on an iPhone? And she's all like - "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. I THINK IT'S BROKEN. HERE, TAKE THIS BACK. I DON'T LIKE IT. NO, IT DOESN'T WORK. OUCH. TAKE IT BACK, IT HURT ME."

That's me on Twitter.

I'm also on Pinterest, which I adore even though I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong.

And you can always Subscribe

Honestly, I have no idea how that subscribe button works. It's supposed to be good though.

EMAIL (again):
You can always email me: admin (at) rantsfrommommyland (dot) com

xo, Lydia



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