Our Favorite Rants

The Best of 2013 are:
Fan favorites:
Dinner with Judy (about eating dinner with a 4 year old who is so tried she's drunk) and
The Sweet Spot (about realizing my kids aren't little anymore, they're medium, and that's awesome).

The rest of the best:
A Letter to My Kids Because I'm 40 (and That's Old) (This one was viral-ish on HuffPost Parents)
The Tao of My Dad
A Few Ways I Suck At Having A Sick Kid
Valentine's Day for the Real World
10 Embarrassing Things About Lydia
10 Question for My Preschooler
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
The Perfect Gift
The Lost Bunny
I hate the Ice Cream Truck
Why kids suck at getting out of the car
I am freaking Kim Jong Un (a gif post)
5 Things Guru Louise Forgot About Newborns
Sweet Valley NO (by my friend Renee)
The 4 Quadrants of Mommy Life
What Happens if You Have an Argument with Lydia (another gif post)
Why Guru Won't Trust the Bus Stop
SWYPE 2: Electric Boogaloo
Inches and Seconds and Luck
Don't Ask Your Kids: What Did You Do When Daddy Was Away?
Eulogy for the BWT
For Auld Lang Syne

Then there's some Horrifying Conversations with Mini:
The Ginger Ale
The Baby Duck
Disney World
Dinner with Judy

The Best of 2012:
The Island of MisNamed Toys 
SWYPE Is The Worst Ever
Oh God. I Think I'm Pregnant. 
I Hate You, Words With Friends
Things I Never Want to Say Again (Because I am Always F*&king Saying Them)
The MommyLand Guide to a Marriage That Doesn't Suck
Oh, The Places You'll Go
I Want the Backstory on Kid TV Shows
We Took Mother's Day Back. Sorry, Kay Jewelers.
The Truth About Buying Presents for Your Kids' Teachers
Conversations with a Three Year Old
Happy Father's Day - OH DEAR GOD.
Why None of The Dads Will Make Eye Contact with Me
Having "The Talk" With Your Kids 
What Are Your Kids Favorite Words?
It's Back To School Night 

The Saddest Post of 2012:
When Kate told us she was leaving...

Our Funniest Rants From Back in the Day:
The One That Explains Why Lydia Can Never Go Back to Five Guys
The One Where Amy Says "OH! Now I Get It"  (Funniest Post Ever and We Didn't Even Write It)
Chuck E. Cheese is Satan's Playground
Lydia and Her Professional Family
The Bouncy House of Horror
The One That Explains Why Lydia Can Never Go Back to Work
Lydia Goes to Walmart
The One Where We Attempt to Solve Crime and De-code Things
The Dead Bird One
The Laundry Fairy

About parenting:
A few things no one ever told me about becoming a parent
Breastfeeding and Weiners
When Your Baby Becomes A Cupcake Baked By The Devil
Not Sleeping For Two Years
The Blur - How did I Get Here? What's My Name?
How Getting Your Kids to Move is Like Turtle Herding
Why You Should Not Bother To Clean the Playroom
The Seasonal Clothes Migration
When You're Feeling Like The Worst Mom Ever
The Mommy Will Lose It Advisory System
Why Mother's Day Always Sucks
Why Mommy Friends Are Important So You Don't Go Loco
Trying to Lose the F**cking Baby Weight
What happens when Mommy gets her B on
The Back Yard Birthday Party
Five Things We Should Know By Now But We Don't
The Domestic Enemies of the Stay At Home Mom

When there was a Lydia & Kate around here:
How Kate met Lydia (in four parts)
The One Where We Explain All Our Random Words
The Truth About Lydia
The Truth About Kate
The Shoe Wars: Clogs Vs. Choos 
The One When You First Meet Maude
The One Where Kate Surrenders

The Infamous Kate Posts That Are Funny and Sad and MIND BLAZINGLY AWESOME at the Same Time:
The Thank You Note
The One Where Kate (Didn't) Kick Someone's Ass at Target
The One Where Kate Went to Target and Saw Something Amazing
When Kate Went to the Library
Kate's Letter to Her Geriatric Beagle
The Miracle at Church
Single Moms
When You Have A Moment of The Fear
When You Take a Minute to Have a Moment

The Ones That Military Families Might Like:
What to do When Your Best Friend's Husband Gets Deployed
A Letter from Again-istan
The One That Talks About All the Crap You Have to Do While He's Gone
The OH CRAP Moment When You Realize He's Coming Back and You Have to Get Your Shizz Together
Home! (grab a kleenex)
Not Again-istan
Leaving on a Jet Plane - or Not?

A little note: Kate and Lydia aren't military.  But Kate's husband worked for the US government and his job was to work on the effort to help our troops and the people of Afghanistan.  So he went there several times for weeks/months as time. Also, some of Kate and Lydia's best friends are military mommies.  All this adds up to SO MUCH LOVE and appreciation for military families. 

Ummmm... WHUCK?
The one where we explain why we HATE goody bags
Lydia is (according to her neighbors) a giant boobstain
Puppets *that swallow*
Victoria's Secret can suck it
We meet Offspring #1 (What's that buzzing sound?) and also The Badger Incident
Drunk Facebooking
A List of things that make us go WHUCK
Ryan Seacrest
Bedbugs are totallly the same as vampires
Physics is super easy

...you tell us what else to add, we'll add it...

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